CloudAccess 3.0

CloudAccess is an appliance that provides a simple, secure way to manage access to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for users in your identity sources. It provides out-of-the box security and compliance capabilities for SaaS services, including full user account provisioning, dynamic credentialing, privileged user management, single sign-on (SSO), and compliance reporting. It also enables secure access to internal protected resources, proxy applications, and OAuth 2.0 resources. CloudAccess also provides simple and secure mobile access to these applications.

CloudAccess 3.0 includes all features previously available in the CloudAccess, MobileAccess, and SocialAccess products.

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Release Notes 3.0 SP2 P2    06/14/2017
Release Notes 3.0 SP2 P1    04/12/2017
Release Notes 3.0 SP2    02/21/2017
Release Notes 3.0 SP1    11/11/2016
Release Notes 3.0    10/27/2016
Quick Start    10/27/2016
Installation and Configuration Guide    10/06/2017
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