CloudAccess 3.0 SP2 P4 Release Notes

January 2018

This patch update resolves specific previous issues. This document outlines why you should install this patch update.

Many of these improvements were made in direct response to suggestions from our customers. We thank you for your time and valuable input. We hope you continue to help us ensure that our products meet all your needs. You can post feedback in the CloudAccess forum on NetIQ Communities, our online community that also includes product information, blogs, and links to helpful resources.

1.0 What’s New?

The following sections outline the key features and functions provided by this version, as well as issues resolved in this release.

1.1 Operating System Security Updates

This patch update for CloudAccess includes various operating system security updates.

1.2 New Option to Import or Export the Appliance Configuration

CloudAccess now provides an option in the administration console that allows you to export and import your appliance configuration without using SSH to access the appliance.

To use the new import/export option:

  1. Click the appliance node in the cluster, then click Configure.

  2. Select the Enable Import/Export checkbox and click OK.

  3. Wait about 30 seconds, then click the node in the cluster again. The menu now includes the Export Configuration and Import Configuration options. Use these options to import and export your appliance configuration as needed.

1.3 Connector for Office 365 Is Deleted and Accounts Are Disabled After Upgrading In Some Environments

Issue: In environments where customers used the MSI installer to upgrade an existing installation of the connector for Office 365, if the upgrade failed, the installer removed the existing connector, which then resulted in policy mappings being lost and accounts being disabled. (Bug 1064913)

Fix: After you install this patch update, if the upgrade fails, the installer removes the application pool on IIS and saves the file with the connector name, but no longer removes the connector from the system.

1.4 LDAP Driver Does Full Re-Synchronization of Users and Groups When It Detects Changes

Issue: Certain changes to user objects, such as removing a context, triggered a full re-synchronization of the LDAP driver, which removed all users and groups and then added them back. This process could be time-consuming and could use up API limits. (Bug 1065904)

Fix: With this patch update, the LDAP driver in CloudAccess no longer does a full re-synchronization after you change a username, port, or context. The driver now does a full re-synchronization only if the host or filter changes.

1.5 ImmutableID Property of Connector for Office 365 Is Not Set to Expected Value

With this patch update, when you install a new connector for Office 365, the immutableID property is set by default to the native value rather than the base64 encoded value. (Bug 1068500)

1.6 Init.html Page Stops Responding After First Appliance Startup

This patch update addresses an issue found in CloudAccess 3.0.2 P3. After the initial startup of the OVF appliance, in some cases the Init.html browser page displayed the message “Please Wait ... Waiting for services to start” indefinitely. With this patch update, if the appliance is not completely ready, the initialization process keeps retrying to load the page until it succeeds or times out. (Bug 1066938)

1.7 Users Are Unable to Log In After Initial Installation of Connector for Office 365 and User Mapping

With this patch update, after you install a new connector for Office 365 and map users, users are able to log in as expected. (Bug 1077789)

2.0 System Requirements

This patch update requires an existing installation of one of the following versions of CloudAccess:

  • 3.0 Service Pack 1 (3.0.1-6)

  • 3.0 Service Pack 2 (3.0.2-21)

  • 3.0 Service Pack 2 P1 (3.0.2-25)

  • 3.0 Service Pack 2 P2 (3.0.2-50)

  • 3.0 Service Pack 2 P3 (3.0.2-51)

You must also have an existing installation of the NetIQ Connector 1.6.3 or 1.6.5 for Office 365 to update the connector to version 1.6.6.

For detailed information about hardware requirements, and supported operating systems and browsers, see Installing the Appliance in the CloudAccess Installation and Configuration Guide.

3.0 Updating the Appliance and the Connector for Office 365

You can update a CloudAccess appliance with this patch update only through the update channel. For more information, see Updating the Appliance in the CloudAccess Installation and Configuration Guide.

IMPORTANT:If you are updating both the CloudAccess appliance and the connector for Office 365, we recommend that you update the connector first, then update the appliance.

4.0 Verifying the Update

Complete the following steps to verify that the update was successful.

To check the installed version:

  1. Access the administration console at https://dns_of_appliance/appliance/index.html, then log in with the appliance administrator credentials.

  2. Click the appliance node, then click About. Verify that the version listed in the window is 3.0.2-65.

5.0 Known Issues

NetIQ Corporation strives to ensure our products provide quality solutions for your enterprise software needs. The following issues are currently being researched. If you need further assistance with any issue, please contact Technical Support.

5.1 Unable to Import Multiple Connectors at the Same Time

Issue: CloudAccess does not display an error message or prevent you from trying to import multiple connectors from a file at the same time. However, this operation is not supported and CloudAccess uploads only one of the connectors that you select. The connector that is imported is somewhat arbitrary and the Import/Update Connector Template window might show conflicting information about the uploaded connector. (Bug 1034699)

Workaround: To work around this issue, ensure that you import only one connector at a time.

5.2 After Changing Appliance from DHCP to Static IP, “Waiting for Services to Start” Message Appears Indefinitely

Issue: If you change the appliance from a DHCP-assigned IP address to a static IP address, after redirecting you to the new IP address the browser might display the “Waiting for services to start” message indefinitely. (Bug 1034982)

Workaround: If you encounter this issue, restart the VM.

6.0 Contact Information

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