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The Role of Identity in Online Voting

What’s identity got to do with it? (Online voting, that is.)

Customer Success Story: Highland Community College

Students have enough on their plate without having different usernames and passwords for every online system.

ChalkTalk: NetIQ CloudAccess

Take advantage of the cloud’s benefits, with solutions like NetIQ CloudAccess.

Finding Risks in Real Time

Some of the most serious threats come from the theft of insider credentials. Identify risks in real time.

Mobile Access for the BYOD World

“Anything goes” is not a valid BYOD policy. Learn a better way:

Hastings and Prince Edward Counties

Disaster recovery in just 20 minutes is achievable with NetIQ PlateSpin Forge

Preventing Un-validated Redirects on the Access Gateway Service using a Whitelist

Redirection, which is required by many applications and services, inherently brings security risks to organizations. For instance, an “un-validated” redirect can allow an unsuspecting user visiting a trusted site to be redirected to a malicious site, therefore exploiting the users’ trust. Using a “whitelist” can help mitigate this vulnerability by…

What’s New in Designer 4.5.1 – Part 2

After the release of IDM 4.5 the first patch came out. One of the components updated is Designer, with an online update (or downloadable ZIP file). When you chose to install the update it shows a list of fixes and enhancements. As I have been wont to do, I decided to go through each item…

2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report

In the 2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report, 52% of IT security decision makers and practitioners believed a successful breach is likely this year.

Group Policy Administrator – Adding Users

Introduction In order to allow additional users to use GPA, you’ll need to add them to the GPA security framework. Specifically, this means two things; they’ll need a repository user account (actually a SQL account), and they’ll need their AD account given permissions to objects in the GP Repo. How you’ve implemented GPA and where…

Creating a Password Field with a Validating Password Control in NetIQ IDM Forms

I recently implemented the cool solution, “Setting a password in workflow” for one of my clients. This allows us to set userPassword within a workflow. But the source of the password data might often be a form. A common configuration is that when using a password field, you have the ability to provide a…

The comprehensive solution for provisioning identities and controlling access

The IT department for the city of Carlsbad, California, was spending 70% of its time on maintenance tasks before NetIQ Identity Manager. What can it do for you?

No visibility to what your users are doing?

Monitoring user activity can include everything from physical security video cameras to active monitoring of how staff utilizes social media on their computers. See how it can help your business in our webcast.

The New Role of VPNs in the Access Sea Change

VPNs have a new part to play in the future of ‪access management.

Customer Success Story: Johnsonville Sausage

Six facilities and nearly 2,000 users made manual identity management a full-time job for Johnsonville Sausage.