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The Internet of Things and Security: Incompatible?

This blog post kicks off a series on new challenges that we’ll be facing in coming years related to the Internet of Things (IoT)—which, simply put, means our tendency to attach everything from our cars to our socks to the global internet.

NetIQ Operations Center – Tips for writing scripts

Quick tips on writing scripts for NetIQ Operations Center:

Customer Success Story: LMU Munich

With 20,000 students accessing IT resources, efficiency is key for LMU Munich. See how NetIQ Identity Manager accelerates user provisioning:

Password Reset: The Time Vampire of The IT Universe

Are password resets sucking your IT team dry? Self-service resets can change everything.

NetIQ Advanced Authentication Framework Temporary Token Method

When should you use tokens or single-use passwords? Video:

Human Error and IT: The Security Perspective

Renee Bradshaw’s post is still true, six months later: the threat within is a big risk in IT security.

Learning from Sony’s Poor Password Practices

Since WikiLeaks recently released thousands of hacked documents from Sony Entertainment Pictures, IT security professionals have been scouring the searchable database of 30,287 documents and 173,132 emails. Besides incriminating celebrity gossip, they found poor password practices that would make even your tech-illiterate grandparents cringe.

Using Derived Credentials for Multi-Factor Authentication in Government Agencies

The rise of mobility in the workplace is prompting government agencies to investigate using multi-factor authentication for access to applications while maintaining compliance to Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD 12).

AppManager and Operations Center—A Powerful Combination

It’s more important than ever that your organization has the visibility to drive higher levels of service quality. Learn how to achieve a business-centric view of technology in the ‪data center.

Evaluating the value DRaaS: A New Model for Disaster Recovery

In today’s highly competitive business environment, downtime is not an option. To ensure business continuity, many IT departments implement a disaster recovery (DR) solution to keep their systems running during a service outage. One DR method that has been turning heads recently is the cloud-based disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) model. Like other cloud-based services, DRaaS is growing…

Customer Success: Essent

Server consolidation can be a big project—Essent estimates it would have taken a team of 25 people six months to complete. With NetIQ, however, they saved money and time.

Detect and Disrupt Cyber Attacks Using Identity-Powered Security

Traditional security approaches are failing to defend against today’s cyber attacks. Faced with an increasingly complex backdrop of evolving cyberthreats and IT delivery models that include cloud, mobility and social identity, security professionals are finding it more difficult than ever to respond to breaches and reduce risk.

What’s new in IDM 4.5 – Part 3

I think digging in and seeing what is new in releases of Identity Manager is a useful thing. The high level What’s New that the vendor provides is helpful, but rarely covers the level of detail I am interested in. One of the new features in the 4.5 release is the use of non-reference association values.

Providing Secure Access to Applications for Police Departments

More and more emergency responders and police departments around the world are extending their computer-aided-dispatch (CAD) systems to include mobile devices. Learn how NetIQ provides departments with a solution that enhances the user experience without compromising security.

Participating in an Industry Focused Peer Community

Would you like to participate in a community of other Micro Focus (Novell/SUSE/NetIQ/Micro Focus/Borland) customers in your same industry? Are you in Healthcare? Federal or Local Government? Small Business? Something else? Sometimes it’s nice to be able to talk to someone that has the same concerns and issues you do. Someone that knows the rules you…