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ChalkTalk: Disaster Recovery Key Concepts

How do you discuss disaster recovery with stakeholders or clients? Check out our ChalkTalk video for a review of key concepts.

Identity & Access Management

Wouldn’t simplified Identity & Access Management be beneficial? See how NetIQ Identity & Access Management solutions help.

Customer Success Story: Infracom

Infracom found it challenging to supply up-to-date information to its clients, but NetIQ Operations Center revolutionized this process.

Troubleshooting OSP and SSPR – Part 3

As I worked through a new Identity Manager 4.5 setup I was trying a number of things and ran across some interesting errors. This series of articles is meant to share what I found, hopefully with error codes for the Google cache. This way, if you run into this error on your own, you might…

RBA: Text Based IP Address Block List file for NetIQ Access Manager

Provide a know list of IP address from a simple text file. The file can be hand crafted. Or, can be downloaded from known set of vulnerable IP addresses. Configuring them in Administration Console is tedious. Use this tool to update a text file and see this is effected in “Risk Based Authentication” of NetIQ Access Manager

What Megaplex Theaters and Access Management Have in Common

How is managing user access to IT resources like managing customer access to movies at a megaplex theater? Both megaplex managers and IT managers must weigh the cost of enforcing access rules. Megaplex rules generally prohibit theater hopping, the practice of paying to see one movie, then sampling other movies in the megaplex for free….

Refreshing Metadata using REST API

Many Access Manager customers have trusted providers that update the metadata frequently. Hence the administrator has to log into the administration console and refresh the metadata all the time. The following set of REST APIs help to automate this process. This cool solution explains how to deploy and use these new APIs….

Access Manager Local Firewall on SLES

Previously I had posted a script for port redirection on the Identity Server. I’ve since found this doesn’t work too well when the local SLES firewall is enabled. The following is a better solution. First, create a Firewall Service file that contains the necessary ports to open (this assumes the Administration Console and Identity Server…

It’s Mardi Gras for Identity Thieves: Mystique Malware and Much, Much, More

If the rate and intensity at which my identity has been stolen in the past three years keeps pace, by 2017, I might as well advertise my personally identifiable information (PII) in blinking neon pink sky-writing and throw Mardi Gras beads from the airplane. First, my grocery store’s loyalty program was breached. Then I was…

Hit the Road

The absolute best part of my job is being with customers. I love it. Whether I’m presenting to one customer, 500 or anything in between, I love spreading the good word of how Micro Focus | NetIQ solutions can help you run IT better. To that end, I’m very happy to announce our new IT Operations…

Build an Effective Business Case for IAM

Talk about business enablement when speaking about IAM ‪to secure resources and investments from business leaders. Learn how with this Gartner Report.

Troubleshooting OSP in IDM 4.5 – Part 2

Recently I spent a lot of time working through the new OSP (One SSO Provider) used in Identity Manager 4.5 for logging into the various Identity Applications (User Application, Catalog Access, Home and Provisioning Dashboard, Reporting, Access Review). When I work…

Are You Open for Business?

The most fundamental question for any business – Are we open? Not just the doors to the building but can we deliver the services that our customers contract with us for? IT is a challenge. In the previous post, we talked about making sure that all of your IT stuff is working. No red lights on…

Working with Contractor Risk: The In-Laws of IT

IT contractors are like in-laws. They may not be blood relatives, but they’re still considered family. Similarly, contractors aren’t standard, permanent employees, but they still work within your organization, making them a part of the organizational family. Some in-laws are dignified and contribute positively to the family; some in-laws dreadful and make holidays a nightmare….

Detecting Data Exfiltration – Who is watching your employees actions?

How do you know if your trusted employees are stealing sensitive data? Companies have to allow them access to do their jobs (Utilize USB Drives, Touch File Shares etc), but need to monitor their actions. With Change Guardian and Sentinel we can detect this and give real time alerts. In today’s example we are watching for someone…