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No visibility to what your users are doing?

Monitoring user activity can include everything from physical security video cameras to active monitoring of how staff utilizes social media on their computers. See how it can help your business in our webcast.

The New Role of VPNs in the Access Sea Change

VPNs have a new part to play in the future of ‪access management.

Customer Success Story: Johnsonville Sausage

Six facilities and nearly 2,000 users made manual identity management a full-time job for Johnsonville Sausage.

Meet the process automation platform that can save you $1M

You (and your IT team) probably spend a good amount of time doing the same things over and over, like restarting stalled services, or tracking down where a process failed. Can we show you a better way?

Adapting Security to the Internet of Things

The Internet of Everything isn’t going to just affect personal & business—it’s going to fundamentally change how we manage cities. Are we ready?

Branding and Localization of the OSP Login Page

Want to customize your NetIQ Identity Manager Login Page? This Cool Solution will show you how.

Do you risk everything to make nothing happen?

“Our neglect of all things boring is becoming an epidemic,” says Amie Johnson in her latest blog post.

The Internet of Things and Security: Incompatible?

This blog post kicks off a series on new challenges that we’ll be facing in coming years related to the Internet of Things (IoT)—which, simply put, means our tendency to attach everything from our cars to our socks to the global internet.

NetIQ Operations Center – Tips for writing scripts

Quick tips on writing scripts for NetIQ Operations Center:

Customer Success Story: LMU Munich

With 20,000 students accessing IT resources, efficiency is key for LMU Munich. See how NetIQ Identity Manager accelerates user provisioning:

Password Reset: The Time Vampire of The IT Universe

Are password resets sucking your IT team dry? Self-service resets can change everything.

NetIQ Advanced Authentication Framework Temporary Token Method

When should you use tokens or single-use passwords? Video:

Human Error and IT: The Security Perspective

Renee Bradshaw’s post is still true, six months later: the threat within is a big risk in IT security.

Learning from Sony’s Poor Password Practices

Since WikiLeaks recently released thousands of hacked documents from Sony Entertainment Pictures, IT security professionals have been scouring the searchable database of 30,287 documents and 173,132 emails. Besides incriminating celebrity gossip, they found poor password practices that would make even your tech-illiterate grandparents cringe.

Using Derived Credentials for Multi-Factor Authentication in Government Agencies

The rise of mobility in the workplace is prompting government agencies to investigate using multi-factor authentication for access to applications while maintaining compliance to Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD 12).