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SAP Portal Matching substrings of usernames

NetIQ has a number of drivers meant to support the SAP Platform of applications. If you are getting started in this, I will warn you that SAP is probably the most complicated driver you will ever work on. Fun, but complicated.

Cool Tool: SecureLogin SYNCADAM-plus

For long-term supportability it makes sense to schedule syncadam to run and pick up changes in SecureLogin users without needing to do it manually. syncadam-plus.cmd provides some extra functionality (scaling, monitoring, archive etc)  that enhances the usability of this utility in a production environment.

Walking through the Office 365 IDM driver – Part 4

Here’s part 4 of Geoffrey Carman’s series on Walking through the Office 365 IDM driver. In this article, you’ll learn about the configuration settings.

Using the Generic File Driver in Identity Manager (IDM) with XML Input files

This new shim provides the same kind of functionality as the Delimited Text shim from NetIQ, but has a lot of extra features worth mentioning.

Error with DB Tables in User Application

With the release of the User Application, starting I guess with IDM 3.0 or so, and its evolution to its current state, there is a fair bit of stuff going on with it, that can be complex to troubleshoot.

Fixing Designer’s default Remote Loader Prompt Stylesheet

A while ago I reported a bug in the Remote Loader Prompt Stylesheet, where additional remote loader parameter (other than hostname, port and kmo) will not be picked up properly during a package update if the kmo parameter is not used.

eDirectory Quirks: /etc/init.d/ndsd and the instances.0 file

Earlier this week I stumbled upon this because of some sloppy editing of an instances.0 file, which is the file on Linux/Unix which tells eDirectory of all of the possible instances owned by the ‘root’, aka UID 0, user.

Walking through the Office 365 IDM driver – Part 3

In this article I would like to look at the Filter and Schema Map.

WordPress SSO with NetIQ Access Manager

With Access Manager and a WordPress plugin, you can allow your users to be automatically logged into your WordPress site and even present them a custom log-in page. You can even force WordPress to create a new account for that user with a specific role if one does not already exist.

RSA Conference 2014 Redux

Here are a few key points from the RSA Conference in San Francisco that I felt were important.  First: This was an RSA conference where everyone was talking about the NSA.

IDM Array Index out of Bounds error

A new feature in IDM 4.0.3 patch 3, and Designer 4.02 AU4 led to an amusing and hard to reproduce error, but figuring it all out, gives a better understanding of how some obscure things actually work.

Getting started with the Permission Collection and Reconciliation Service

Here are some notes I took during my attempt to install the Permission Collection and Reconciliation Service (PCRS) on a new AD driver at a client.

Australia’s new Privacy Principles – Things to Consider

Effective 12th March 2014, Australia’s Information Privacy Principles and National Privacy Principles was replaced by 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). Here are the important points to note: Applies to all organisations that turn over more than $3 million per year and collect personal data. Fines up to $1.7 million for breaches.

CloudAccess Dynamic Groups

One undocumented feature of CloudAccess is support for dynamic groups in policy management. This provides the administrator ability to map policies to essentially any LDAP query.