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Did you Think to include RBA in your Mobile Strategy?

The old days of user access are gone Taking a least-privileged user approach for access control goes a long way in protecting your organization. But in today’s connected and mobile world, securing access purely from user permission level is not enough. Context needs to play a foundational role for assessing the risk of honoring those…

Creating an Effective Mobile Authentication Strategy

With properly implemented access control, organizations can take advantage of the benefits of BYOD while minimizing the risk of data breaches. Learn three important aspects of mobile authentication.

Customer Success Story: Etnic

After struggling to manage identity & access rights across applications, Etnic knew they needed a change. Working with NetIQ, they achieved an innovative IDM ‬ solution

Is Everything Working?

A few months ago, we introduced you to the ‘Four Lenses of IT Operations’. In this blog, Joe Rogers goes a little more in depth into the questions and surrounding key capabilities that IT Operations needs in order to quickly and confidently answer these questions.

Custom SQL Authentication Class for NetIQ Access Manager

Oftentimes organizations start their web presence by building it in-­-house. A common characteristic of such in–house developed solutions is that a database is used to hold user information such as user name, password, and additional information such as first and last name, email address, etc. As the web presence grows and requires more and more…

HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition

Experts from the healthcare industry will share their unique perspectives at HIMSS from April 12-16. Join us in Chicago

Remote Execution Adapter for Aegis (Part 2 – Server)

Welcome to part 2 of the Remote Execution Adapter for Aegis. In this second part I provide the server side adapter, instructions on how to install and configure as well as descriptions of each activity.

Configuring IDM 4.5s OSP to talk to a Shibboleth IDP

Steps to get OSP talking to Shibboleth IDP: In the world of federation there are many possible tools and protocols to use. There is an alphabet soup of acronyms like SAML, WS-Fed, WS-*, Shibboleth, Liberty, SOAP or REST, Oauth, etc. There are a host of products that can do this for you. NetIQ has one…

A Successful IAM Program Begins With a Vision

Create a shared vision to guide the way along your IAM ‪program road map. See how in this report from Gartner

RSA Conference 2015

Not yet signed up for RSAC? Use promo code X5ENETIQ for a complimentary RSA Exhibit Hall Only pass. (Must redeem by 4/20.)

Ajax /jQuery based NAM authentication

This Cool solution explains how to create Ajax based form login for user authentication.

IT “A-ha” Experiences: Why CxOs need more than a “manager of managers” for true intelligence

If there’s any problem that plagues all IT departments—it’s one of relevance. Now before anyone gets upset—I’m not saying IT is irrelevant. However, there’s often a lack of communication between those running the business (CxOs and Line of Business owners) and those that keep the business running (IT). However critical IT is to the success…

Secure Configuration Manager — Enhanced Unix Regular Expression Check for multiple files

Recently I had the opportunity to collaborate with a customer and NetIQ development in enhancing a regular expression check that allows multiple expressions against multiple files. The check also allows the ability to confirm if a file is present or not, and allow the logic of deciding if the check will have a…

What the Internet of Everything Means for Security

The day when devices, houses, clothes and many other possessions connect and communicate with the outside world is fast approaching. Also called the Internet of Everything (IoE), this world of connected devices will offer convenient services that operate everywhere around us. Yet the looming presence of IoE brings up issues of control, security and privacy….

Customer Success Story: Craig Group Ltd.

When one of the company’s server rooms narrowly escaped damage during a winter flood, Craig Group Ltd. realized the necessity of disaster recovery