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Customer Success: Craig Group Ltd.

When Craig Group Ltd. needed to provide simple, practical & easy-to-test disaster recovery capability, they turned to NetIQ. Read the story here:

Does the Internet of Things Mean the End of Privacy?

To embrace the Internet of Things, do we have to say goodbye to privacy?

NetIQ Advanced Authentication Framework Temporary Token Method

See how to use multi-factor authentication with a token, and learn more about when this type of technology is appropriate.

Detect and Disrupt Cyber Attacks Using Identity-Powered Security

Traditional security approaches are failing to defend against today’s cyber attacks. Learn why identity is the key to closing the security gap:

Sustainable Compliance: How to Align Compliance, Security and Business Goals

Discover how to align compliance, security & business goals in this white paper from NetIQ:

Customer Success: Infracom

“The NetIQ product integrates seamlessly with our complex IT infrastructure, offering a level of service transparency that our clients really appreciate”. -Infracom

IT Security Spending – Enough To Fund An America’s Cup Team?

Are we caught in a IT security technology arms race?

Tieto Partners with NetIQ to Create Agile Cloud Services

See how partnering with NetIQ helped European IT service company, Tieto, meet the unique needs of its growing northern European customer base.

User Activity Monitoring Revealed Webcast

Is your organization lacking visibility into what your users are doing? Watch this webinar & learn what it means to monitor user activity, pros and cons to such efforts, and what to look for when selecting a SIEM solution.

AppManager and Operations Center—A Powerful Combination

Let your IT support your business goals:

The Role of Identity in Online Voting

What’s identity got to do with it? (Online voting, that is.)

Customer Success Story: Highland Community College

Students have enough on their plate without having different usernames and passwords for every online system.

ChalkTalk: NetIQ CloudAccess

Take advantage of the cloud’s benefits, with solutions like NetIQ CloudAccess.

Finding Risks in Real Time

Some of the most serious threats come from the theft of insider credentials. Identify risks in real time.

Mobile Access for the BYOD World

“Anything goes” is not a valid BYOD policy. Learn a better way: