NetIQ Cloud Manager 2.4

NetIQ Cloud Manager transforms your virtual infrastructure into a true cloud computing environment. Built to operate with the virtual hosts you have already configured either in VMware, Citrix Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V, Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), or SUSE Xen hypervisors, Cloud Manager accelerates delivery of services through on-demand requesting of workloads and automated provisioning of the workloads.

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Cloud Manager 2.4 Patch 4 Release Notes    01/19/2016
Cloud Manager 2.4 Patch 3 Release Notes    10/21/2015
Cloud Manager 2.4 Patch 2 Release Notes    07/15/2015
Cloud Manager 2.4 Patch 1 Release Notes    06/05/2015
Cloud Manager 2.4 Release Notes    03/31/2015

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Cloud Manager Product Overview    03/31/2015

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Cloud Manager Installation and Upgrade    03/31/2015

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Cloud Manager Administrative Procedures    03/31/2015

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Cloud Manager Administrator Reference    04/27/2015

Previous Releases view last update
Cloud Manager 2.3 04/22/2014
Cloud Manager 2.2.2 (and below) 12/10/2013

NetIQ Cloud Marketplace 2.2.1 Mobile App for iPad

The NetIQ Cloud Marketplace mobile app for iPad accesses available NetIQ Cloud Manager resources to provide Cloud Manager sales representatives a fast and easy way to assemble a customized business service quote for interested customers. Using the built-in shopping cart of quotes, customers can compare these costs and build a deployable business services order wherever they are. The app is available for free download at the Apple iTunes Store.

You can access several video tutorials to help you become familiar with this product. See Tutorials for NetIQ Cloud Marketplace on YouTube. The links to these videos are also available on the Cloud Marketplace help page.

The Cloud Marketplace app can be re-themed with the look and feel or localization that you want. For information about how to re-theme, see the Cloud Manager Administrator Reference manual. The templates you need for the rebranded themes you create are available for download below.

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Cloud Marketplace Rebranding Resources 08/05/2013