Many businesses recognize that enabling employees to work how and where they want is a huge productivity opportunity. If you haven't already, you're probably exploring mobile device management options that can help mitigate the risk that can come from lost or stolen devices.

These devices will capture an unimaginable amount of data. Making sense of and using that data will require a shift in the way companies think about the relationships between individuals, devices and interactions.

" We enable you to look beyond the device to focus on the identity, access, and context of the user."
  • Simplify remote access: Working on the road is hard enough. With our company you can extend consistent identity-based access policies to any device over any connection so that access is defined by identity, not by the device. Find out more with products like Access Manager, Identity Manager and MobileAccess.
  • Implement context-aware security: Stay ahead of increasingly advanced threats to your intellectual property by monitoring users not just based on their identity or their device, but location, activities, and time, as well. We can bring it all together with the powerful simplicity of our security monitoring solutions.
  • Take the cloud on the road: Your mobility strategy and your cloud strategy should work hand-in-hand. We can help you integrate identity and access for your users, even with third-party cloud solutions, so that you don't have to manage disparate systems. Find out more on our cloud solutions page.
  • Implement advanced authentication: Multifactor authentication can be essential to reduce the risk of unauthorized access. We can help you incorporate next-generation authentication elements like fingerprint scans and physical access cards into your existing authentication framework. Find out how with the Access Governance Suite.

It's all about context.

While it may make sense for your New York-based sales manager to access customer data, it probably doesn't make sense if suddenly they're accessing data at 3 a.m. from an insecure network and emailing files to a server overseas.

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