The cloud fundamentally changes the way that new IT services are rolled out. Today, it is easier than ever to turn on new services that address a wide range of business needs. So easy, in fact, that IT often doesn't even need to be involved in the transaction.

However, very few organizations are going to a 100% cloud-based IT services model. That means that "hybrid IT" (a mixture of in-house resources with several cloud services) is increasingly the default arrangement for most businesses. These hybrid environments can create headaches, because each environment has to be managed separately. This siloed approach to managing resources not only adds cost, but also adds risk, especially when it comes to managing access to sensitive data in the cloud.

"Hybrid environments can create headaches, because each environment has to be managed separately."
  • Integrate identity and access management in the cloud and in your data center: Rather than trying to manage identities and access individually across internal and external service resources, integrate them with CloudAccess, Access Manager and Identity Manager.
  • Understand who is accessing what, from where: Managing access in today's increasingly mobile and BYOD world is difficult. Find out how we can help you take the worry out of cloud access on remote devices by visiting our mobility page.
  • Monitor privileged users: Ensuring that users have only the level of access needed to do their jobs is critical. But it is also important to know when they're accessing critical documents or changing system files. Find out how to more easily manage and monitor privileged users.
  • Respond quickly when breaches occur: It doesn't help your organization if it takes weeks to discover that sensitive data was compromised. In today's cloud-based world, it is even more critical to identify threats and take action in real time. Find out how Security Solutions can help.
  • Provide simpler, more easily managed access to private cloud services: In order to ensure that cloud deployments deliver maximum value, you have to focus on end-to-end business service delivery. Find out how Cloud Manager serves as a single product to build, manage, and consume cloud computing resources.