Secure mobile access for BYOD users

Deliver applications and information to mobile devices securely so your BYOD users can access them anytime.

Mobile devices

Fig. 1Mobile devices

Mobile devices have changed the way people get work done. More than ever, the line between work time and personal time is blurred. There is little distinction between the physical office and the virtual office. Often your employees will reach out or respond to colleagues, partners, and customers on the spot, wherever they are. And they’ll be using their BYOD devices to do so, often on-the-go.

Rather than being the organization of “no,” you can help your mobile users to be productive wherever they are, whenever they need to get work done. CloudAccess lets you leverage users’ iOS and Android devices by effectively and securely delivering business applications through them. At the same time, CloudAccess reduces risk by keeping corporate passwords off the BYOD user’s mobile devices.

Integrated access for mobile users

Fig. 2Integrated access for mobile users

Integrated access for mobile users

Within the MobileAccess application, your users are presented a corporate view of their business applications. Administrators can control which applications different users can access with a single touch of the icon.

Integrated solution for administrators

Your administrators use the same console GUI for configuring access to all your cloud-based applications, both for full browsers as well as mobile devices. Once configured, users and their devices have access to applications based on their role within the organization.

Secure both browser-based and URL launch-supported applications

You can configure custom application attributes for user entitlements and behavior including:

  • Which applications each user can see
  • Which web-based applications are accessible on mobile devices, desktops, or both
  • Whether Safari, Chrome, or an internal browser should be used
  • Whether users must provide an additional PIN to launch MobileAccess applications

UI to deregister device

Fig. 3UI to deregister device

Self-management of devices

Administrators can manage and deregister all user devices centrally in the CloudAccess console. So, if a registered mobile device is lost or stolen, or an employee leaves the company, you can ensure that unauthorized users cannot access corporate resources. BYOD users can also manage their own devices so they can deregister them without calling IT. In either case, corporate credentials are never stored on a mobile device.

Mobile Access

CloudAccess includes an SDK (iOS and Android) for organizations that are building mobile applications. The SDK enables mobile app developers to leverage CloudAccess for credential management as it provides authentication and single sign-on. It also enforces access controls to the applications and services that supports the mobile apps. The SDK uses open standards so you can avoid vendor lock-in.

For those that want to move their web-based apps out to their mobile users, CloudAccess supports the MobileAccess app which keeps them secure and simple to access. Within the app, your users are presented a corporate view of their business applications made to fit the form factor they are using. With a single touch of an icon, the selected application is loaded. Users can also group or favorite the apps that they use most.

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