Pharmaceutical Giant Tackles Global Access Governance Issues with Us

This pharmaceutical and consumer-health company is a truly global business, with numerous operating companies spread across more than 60 countries, employing tens of thousands of people.

“With NetIQ solutions, we can preserve the distinct local approaches that work best, while maintaining a global view of compliance and risk,” said the spokesperson. “NetIQ has a strong understanding of our HIPAA and FDA obligations, and supports both our scale and the regulatory diversity of our business.” Spokesperson Management, Pharmaceutical and Consumer-Health Company

About Pharmaceutical Giant Tackles Global Access Governance Issues with Us

The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, and regulations differ substantially from country to country. Even for businesses with operations in just a single country, the cost, complexity and effort involved in demonstrating compliance can be significant. For large multi-nationals, whose activities will typically span multiple regulatory regimes, it can be a major challenge even to keep tabs on which internal users have access to which materials and resources.

For this global pharmaceutical company, the need for fine-grained access controls over multiple user types across geographies makes it critically important to deploy a scalable identity-management solution backed by an experienced vendor.


The challenges of operating in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry are magnified by the need to respect local regulations and reporting regimes in each country of operation.

Our Solution

Following an in-depth vendor assessment, the global pharmaceutical company has selected us as its preferred vendor, and will continue to use Identity Manager to control identity and access for its tens of thousands of employees.

“We have a major strategic initiative around cloud-based software-as-a-service [SaaS] solutions, and the pre-built Identity Manager connectors for solutions such as Office 365 and Workday HRM are a great advantage in terms of cutting costs and time-to-market and boosting the resiliency of our platform,” said a spokesperson.

The company uses a federated configuration of Identity Manager to synchronize identity information across both internal and cloud-based applications. It also uses our solution to handle user-provisioning and de-provisioning, and to support multi-factor authentication for employees and partners across more than 60 countries worldwide.

“For pharmaceutical testing, we have a number of alliances with third-party institutions,” said the spokesperson. “Naturally, while some information can be freely shared, other information is subject to the tightest regulatory controls. Using the NetIQ (now a part of Micro Focus) solutions, we can parse the information in a very fine-grained fashion in the cloud, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access protected resources.”

All of the company’s activities in the US are subject to compliance with HIPAA regulations on privacy and data protection, and with FDA standards on pharmaceutical testing. In both cases, our long experience and subject-matter expertise in creating solutions for highly regulated industries is a significant advantage.


In a large global enterprise using numerous in-house and cloud-based information tools, providing secure and reliable access to applications is critical for maintaining productivity. The company’s suite of our solutions help it to ensure that employees and partners have easy, timely access to the information and systems they need – and that they are entitled to use.


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  • Supports multiple different regulatory approaches within a federated landscape
  • Provides reliable, secure access to the appropriate resources
  • Keeps staff productive, avoiding significant downtime costs

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