Security Solutions for IBM i efficiently controls access to your IBM i, iSeries and AS/400 servers by enabling you to lock down your servers through transaction blocking or via implementation of intelligent privilege escalation management.

Uncover Network Security Vulnerabilities

The Network Security module acts as a firewall for your IBM i system and provides real-time monitoring and transaction blocking capabilities. The Network Security Module allows grouping by user, IP Address, and server/function with enforcement down to the object level.

Enforce Object Level Authority

The Object Authority Management module allows you to create templates to facilitate object-level security. Create/edit templates as needed, then apply the template to the objects to quickly and easily manage object-level security.

Manage Privileged Operations

Privileged Access Escalation Management allows you to grant granular escalated permissions at the command, program, or database file level on IBM i systems.

PSSecure helps find weak passwords

Identify weak passwords

Secure Systems Without Adding Risk

Secures systems without adding risk using "what if" analysis of security rules over exit point security. Analyze the impact of rules on production systems before turning them on.


Security Solutions for IBM i simplify the process of identifying IBM i and iSeries security vulnerabilities, regulation compliance policy exceptions and other exposures through its TGAudit functionality.

TGAudit reports security exposures related to a variety of OS/400's aspects including user profiles, files and objects and system values. The TGAudit solution can:

Ease Regulation Compliance Efforts

Predefined Report Cards map IBM i security auditing data to several major compliance regulations such as PCI, HIPAA and SOX.

PSAudit provides data auditing and baseline analysis

Sample report card

Improve Visibility Into Your Server State

TGAudit supplies a vast amount of knowledge to help you easily gain a comprehensive view of your overall system security and assess the risk of potential security vulnerabilities. Recognizing the many unique facets within each organization, TGAudit also comes equipped with over 100 data source collectors which can be used to quickly customize unique reports as needed.

Identify And Reduce Vulnerabilities

TGAudit efficiently identifies and reduces vulnerabilities on your i and iSeries platforms, including configuration flaws, dangerous services and exposed user accounts from a central point. TGAudit also provides over 230 reports against your i and iSeries platforms.

Ensure Quick Time To Value

TGAudit ensures quick time to value with its user-friendly installation and configuration features. TGAudit can be up and running in a matter of minutes, allowing you to use it immediately and quickly start assessing your i and iSeries assets.


Security Solutions for IBM i actively monitors your i and iSeries servers for critical system and security events in real time leveraging its PSDetect® functionality.

With the ability to integrate with Sentinel as well as send alerts to AppManager, PSDetect ensures your i and iSeries servers can be monitored along with the rest of your enterprise assets. This assures service levels, operational integrity and policy compliance for your organization. You can quickly enforce your security policies, and assure the availability and performance of their i and iSeries systems, by prescribing a response to a detected anomaly, such as notifying the user via email or SNMP trap or executing a program. The PSDetect solution can:

Provide Comprehensive Monitoring

Provides comprehensive monitoring for any message queue on the system, including system queues such as QSYSOPR or other of our streams.

PSDetect alerts on suspicious user activities

Alert on system value changes

Assure Operational Integrity And Compliance

Assures operational integrity and compliance with policies and allows you to monitor for security and policy violations across your i and iSeries environment. You can also notify your incident response teams via numerous possible mechanisms.

Manage The Chain Of Command

Manages escalation lists and broadcast groups for a chain of command in resolving issues that need immediate attention. PSDetect also creates groups (instead of single users) for notification.

Track Your Activity

Tracks all PSDetect activity taken in response to a specific alert or event, such as pages, commands or emails. PSDetect also lists actions that are waiting to be performed or that have failed.