VMware vCenter Server

The endless expansion of the virtual environment, with its associated storage and other costs, demands a method of control. Controls are needed not only to reduce the costs of virtual infrastructure, but to ensure that security and policies are adequately maintained, and that unused resources are recycled to maximize efficiency.

While several products are on the market to support virtual lifecycle management, most lack the sophistication to deal with the complex approval, integration and custom workflow requirements that enterprises need.

Aegis® with the Adapter for VMware vCenter Server provides out-of-the-box control and integration of VMware vCenter with other enterprise tools, such as ticketing systems and CMDBs, with complete flexibility to design workflows based on your organization's existing practices.

VMware vCenter Server

VMware vCenter Server

Automated process with Aegis and VMware vCenter Server

The following workflow templates are available for this adapter:

  • Snapshot request and management allows end-users to request snapshots and ensures snapshots are regularly reviewed and removed as required, alleviating the impact to storage bandwidth and investment.
  • Convert templates to virtual machines provides a bulk approach for administrators to keep templates up-to-date with required patches, saving significant manual effort.
  • Find orphaned VMDK files is a reporting workflow designed to quickly identify files left over from the removal of virtual machines, allowing administrators to quickly and knowledgeably reduce disk usage.
  • Virtual machine request and management places control of virtual machine requests in the hands of the user via an easy-to-use email template. With a quick email review and a single click, VMware administrators approve the automated creation, deployment with assigned template and policies, as well as email notification with active virtual machine details to the original requestor.

As a general-purpose IT Process Automation platform, Aegis has the flexibility to meet a limitless amount of automation needs beyond these examples.

Key benefits

Aegis gives you the ability to control processes for provisioning, lifecycle management and performance management of virtual machines. It accomplishes this through integration with enterprise tools and automation that ensures consistent application of policy, delivering the following benefits:

  • Reduce the cost of VI administration and respond to business needs faster. Through self-service automation, Aegis extends provisioning capabilities to those who need it, while applying controls such as approvals integrated with change management or ticketing systems. This reduces the dependencies on virtual administrators to perform extensive manual administration and frees them for higher-level activities.
  • Drive efficient use of virtual infrastructure. Aegis identifies underutilized resources and manages virtual machine deprovisioning to more efficiently allocate resources.
  • Reduce security and policy risks on virtual machines. Virtual machines are easily deployed but often do not meet the same standards for security hardening and application of policy as their physical counterparts. Aegis ensures that deployments are consistently performed in accordance with an organization's security policies across the hybrid data center.
  • Reduce troubleshooting efforts and improve availability. Aegis performs event enrichment when events are detected to improve troubleshooting performance, while proactively performing routine maintenance to drive availability improvements.

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