Aegis Adapter for AppManager

The Aegis® Adapter for AppManager® is designed to take full advantage of the rich functionality available in AppManager and bring automation to the Event Management process. With the adapter for AppManager, Aegis provides event correlation and then leverages AppManager to run jobs to perform corrective actions such as restarting services, managing disk space through archival or deletion, and even application-level responses using AppManager's extensive Knowledge Script library.

Functionality for AppManager Users

  • Correlate Events: Combine known sympathetic events into a single re-prioritized event with supporting details
  • Resolve Events Automatically: Leverage AppManager's job capability to perform complex management tasks
  • Connect with Other Tools: Enables ticket auto-population and closure, examine event-causing changes, etc.

Aegis Adapter for AppManager

Aegis Adapter for AppManager

Examples of automated processes with Aegis and AppManager

The following examples are just a few of the things that other AppManager customers have automated with Aegis:

  • Manage disk space automatically on distributed servers with pre-determined archival or deletion
  • Reboot servers to deal with memory leaks while maintaining control of the order of reboots and ensuring that services are correctly running
  • Suppress events during change windows using the AppManager Maintenance Mode and integration with change approvals (RFCs) in other tools
  • Update your CMDB by pushing configuration information collected by AppManager into the CMDB on a routine basis or as changes are detected

No other IT Process Automation or Run Book Automation tool has the richness of functionality or depth of integration with AppManager, making Aegis the logical automation platform for AppManager customers.

Key benefits

Aegis gives you the ability to immediately automate mundane, repetitive aspects of IT operations while providing the foundation for aggregating those tasks to achieve the larger goal of automating processes that span functional groups, such as those defined by ITIL.

  • Get around to finishing projects. Through automation, Aegis enables faster event resolution and offloads routine or mundane tasks so operators and administrators become more productive.
  • Leverage your existing AppManager investment. Aegis enables rapid deployment without needing to permission and install new agents—rather AppManager can now be leveraged more fully with increased functionality, improving the ROI of your AM investment.
  • Buy Aegis, get a correlation engine. Aegis includes a separate, built-in correlation engine that reduces the number of events from multiple sources that must be dealt with and helping to prioritize response.
  • Achieve a "single pane of glass" for monitoring. Use Aegis to connect AppManager to other monitoring or management tools to provide a centralized display of status for your lines of business.
  • Reduce wasted efforts. Aegis supplies built in performance metrics that help you benchmark performance, identify bottlenecks, streamline operations and develop continuous improvement over time.

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