Standards–based Federation

Provide single sign-on across the Internet for your employees and customers.

Access Manager gives your business or organization a simple and secure way to provide convenient access to web-based applications and services across the Internet. Using standards-based identity federation, Access Manager enables your authenticated employees to securely access applications and services of other organizations or cloud-based services without having to log in again. In addition, federation eliminates the need for redundant identity stores or user administration processes.

Access Manager also acts as an identity provider (source of the user’s identity) to a service provider, such as a cloud-based application or service. This allows your business to provide seamless access for your customers to a variety of cloud-based applications; all without the need for your customer to log in again. Businesses can now integrate cloud-based services into their own website or portal for a rich and personalized experience for their customers.

In today's era of cross-business collaboration, more than ever before businesses are working together to develop integrated solutions and market new, complementary offerings. For this cross-pollination to happen, trusted business partners must be able to securely access specific information relevant to them without any access to non-relevant protected information. That's where federated access delivers value. With Access Manager in place, your organization can guarantee and track access of information and services.

Access Manager is built on a solid foundation of SAML, OAuth, WS-Trust and WS-Federation standards to deliver federated access. In most environments these standards eliminate interoperability issues between external partners or internal workgroups. Your administrators can configure different single sign-on policies for different types of users that may need access. So whether they are different departments within the same organization or external business partners, information is available securely and barrier-free.

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