Enable business on-the-go with secure mobile access

Professionals often do business while they’re on-the-go. And in this BYOD world, more and more employees use their own personal mobile devices—to work the way they want, when they want. This means employees are more responsive, and will pause in their personal life to get things done wherever they are.

Supports iOS and Android

Supports iOS and Android

If it’s not easy, it’s not going to work

Today’s mobile devices are more powerful than ever, and can perform many tasks traditionally done on a laptop. But just because users can do something doesn’t mean they’ll want to. If accessing a mobile application is a hassle, your BYOD users won’t bother.

Mobile devices still have limited screen real estate and there is rarely a physical keyboard handy. In fact, mobile users are often standing while they work. What may be effortless on a laptop can be much harder on a tablet or smartphone.

Enter MobileAccess, which makes it fast and easy for even BYOD users to access applications secured through Access Manager. The MobileAccess App provides secure access to only the right applications. Users see the applications they have access to and with a single touch they're in. No time-consuming or onerous hoops to jump through, just convenient access.

Protect your sensitive information and control risk

If you have Access Manager, you’re probably using it to provide web content, offer single sign-on and secure protected applications. This ensures only the right people gain access to information. Although MobileAccess makes BYOD access quick and easy, it doesn’t compromise protection from Access Manager. For example:

  • Access Manager policies still control which applications even BYOD users can access
  • Users are required to use their Access Manager password when registering their device
  • Administrators can configure MobileAccess to securely control how often BYOD users have to use their Access Manager password--daily, yearly or whatever makes sense for your environment
  • Access to applications is secured through a four-digit MobileAccess pin
  • As an added layer of security, MobileAccess can control which applications a user can access on a mobile device

MobileAccess provides your Access Manager users the perfect blend of simplicity and security for their iOS and Android devices. All that is needed to extend Access Manager’s application to mobile users is to load a soft appliance. From there the hardest part is to decide what icon that you want your mobile users to see for each application.

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