Simplified Access to Microsoft Office 365

Using Access Manager to provide single sign-on to Office 365 is not only convenient for your users, it also extends your access management capabilities to the cloud. Centralizing access management of both your internal applications as well as your cloud hosted SaaS applications provides the quickest time to value for your investment. And now that Access Manager is available as a soft appliance, centralizing your access control is the best approach for the lowest TCO possible.

User convenience: When you extend your access management interoperability beyond your own Intranet and into Office 365, your users won't need to re-authenticate to gain access to their Microsoft hosted applications and services. This is because Access Manager™ extends your user's single sign-on experience to Office 365 by providing federated access, making it part of their local experience.

Both your web-based and rich client users will appreciate the fact that they won't have to remember multiple user names and passwords when accessing applications and services between their two environments. And because Access Manager supports single sign-on to all Office 365 services, user access is part of a single integrated workspace.

Reduced IT complexity and lower IT costs: Federating Office 365 with Access Manager enables IT teams continue to provision users the way they have in the past. IT personnel need only make user authentication changes once. Through identity federation, users consume their Office 365 seamlessly and access administration stays within your own corporate or organizational environment.

As always, fewer passwords mean less support calls. And because users gain access to Office 365 through federation, they can continue to use Access Manager's self-service password reset tool (SSPR) to solve their password problem without calling helpdesk. And because Office 365 federates to your internal directory, SSPR's ability to guard against sticky note proliferation of passwords and poor password management applies to Office 365 applications as well.

Enhanced security through federated access: Access Manager is Microsoft certified to deliver federated access to Office 365, which means that your users won't be placing your corporate passwords into the cloud. Now, IT teams don't need to worry about the duplicate cleanup work involved in decommissioning employee credentials. IT personnel need only make user authentication changes to their own identity provider solution.

Advanced Authentication out to the cloud: If you control access to your protected information and assets with multi-factor or other advanced authentication techniques with Access Manager, you can extend your investment to secure access to your Office 365 environment.

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