Manage physical and logical access securely

Federal IT faces the costly challenge of managing the nation’s security, guided by the Cybersecurity Initiative and evolving FICAM guidance to provide a secure physical and logical environment.

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Establish common identity across agencies, facilities and systems

You must manage access for employees and contractors across facilities and systems in accordance with policy set forth in HSPD-12 defining a common, reliable and secure identification standard that is also interoperable across agencies' PIV credentials. Whether your services and information reside on-premise or in the cloud, your employees and contractors require access with a common identity and credentials. The intent of the HSPD-12 guidance to improve efficiency, reduce fraud and mitigate risk of data breaches requires a common identity and single sign-on capability to power the organization.

Manage access and changes efficiently and securely

You face the constant risk of unauthorized access and data breaches as employees and contractors arrive, move, change roles or leave the organization. A critical way to reduce that risk is to automate processes for granting, revoking and updating access to resources and information. You can revoke access rights for anyone immediately and completely, attesting to who currently has access to resources and information. This access control must also be extended to cloud-based services.

Manage roles, privileges and authentication

Your facility requires the ability to manage employees and contractors that may have multiple roles, and work in multiple facilities and agencies. The best way to manage privileges is to grant and enforce access rights to your employees and contractors based on a principle of role-based privileges. This reduces the complexity of managing individual privileges and access creep by managing to a least-privilege requirement.

You must be able to manage privileges based upon roles across agencies, facilities and systems with the ability to attest to use and automate required changes over time. And you must also be able to use advanced authentication methods in conjunction with typical identification for highly secure systems and information.

Create HSPD-12 and PIV deployment flexibility

While getting to a common identity and credential (PIV) framework is the objective, a big bang implementation is cost prohibitive. Thus implementation and migration will occur for most agencies over time. This will require the ability to reduce costs and improve efficiency, while using and integrating legacy and new credential frameworks into a common identity management system. Continuing to enable legacy credentials, while migrating to the future state, is a key requirement for Federal IT.

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