Novell SecureLogin Installation Guide

  Novell SecureLogin Installation Guide
    Getting Started
      Before Installing
      Setting Up a Passphrase
    Installing, Configuring, and Deploying in a Novell eDirectory Environment
      Before You Begin
        Disk Space
        LDAP Credential Provider for Microsoft Windows Vista
      Configuring and Deploying
        Extending the eDirectory Schema
        Using the SecretStore Client for Enhanced Security
        Deploying Novell SecureLogin on Shared Workstations
    Installing, Configuring, and Deploying in an LDAP Environment
        Installing Novell SecureLogin in Non-eDirectory LDAP Environment
        Installing Novell SecureLogin in LDAP Environment With eDirectory
        Installing Administrative Tools for LDAP
        LDAP and Active Directory
        Extending the eDirectory Schema
        Extending the LDAP Directory Schema and Assigning Rights on the Server
        Using LDAP on eDirectory
        Using LDAP in Non-eDirectory Environments
        Distribution Options
        Configuring in a Non-eDirectory LDAP or Active Directory Environment
        Logging in to LDAP Directory
        Contextless Login
        Setting Up Passphrase
    Installing and Configuring in Active Directory Environment
      Before You Begin
        Requirements for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008
        Support on Microsoft Windows Vista
        Installation Overview
        Microsoft Active Directory
        Extending the Active Directory Schema and Assigning Rights
        Configuring a User’s Environment
        Configuring Roaming Profiles
        Installing on Administrator Workstations
        Installing on a User Workstation
        Installing for Mobile Users and Notebook Users
    Configuring, Installing, and Deploying In Active Directory Application Environment
      Before You Begin
        Language Support
        Supported Platforms
        ADAMconfig.exe and LDIFDE.exe
        Creating a Network Service Account and Assigning Permissions
        Configuring ADAM Schema
        Creating an ADAM Instance
        Extending the Schema by Using ADAM Configuration Wizard
        Installing on Administrator Workstations
        Installing Novell SecureLogin on a User Workstation
        Installing for Mobile Users and Notebooks
        Configuring a User’s Environment
        Administering Novell SecureLogin In an ADAM Environment
        Setting Up a Passphrase
        SecureLogin and FireFox
    Installing and Deploying On Standalone Environment
      Getting Started
        New Installations
        Unsupported Features
        Installation Overview
        Installing On a Standalone Workstation
        Upgrading from an Earlier Version
        Creating a New User Account
    Installing through the Command Line
      Installation Overview
      Novell SecureLogin Properties and Values
        Installing in eDirectory Environment
        Installing in LDAP v3 (non-eDirectory) Environment
        Installing in Microsoft Active Directory Environment
        Installing in Active Directory Application Mode Environment
        Installing in Standalone Environment
        Command for Installing the Features
        Silent Install
      Windows Installer Command Line Options
        Switches Supported by SLProto.exe
    Installing, Configuring, and Deploying Desktop Automation Services
      Installing Desktop Automation Services
        Installing in a Novell eDirectory Environment
        Installing in Other LDAP Environments
        Installing in Active Directory, ADAM, or Standalone Environments
        Installing by Using the Modify Option
        Accessing DAS
        Tips for Installing DAS
        Editing Environment Registry Keys
        Logging and Error Notification
        Managing the actions.xml File through eDirectory and iManager
        Best Practices
        Common Debug Issues
    Installing Secure Workstation
      Installing Secure Workstation through the Modify Option
    Installing iManager Plug-Ins
      Accessing iManager and Installing the iManager Plug-In
        Accessing iManager
        iManager Plug-In
        Installing the Plug-Ins for iManager
        Installing NMAS Server Method for pcProx and Secure Workstation
        Configuring iManager for LDAP SSL Connection to eDirectory
    Setting Up OpenLDAP on Windows 2000
    Modifying, Repairing, or Removing an Installation
      Using the Modify Option to Install Features of Novell SecureLogin
      Modify Option and Group Policy Objects Support
      Phased Upgrading
        Developing a Migration Plan
        Example of a Migration Plan
        Running Novell SecureLogin in a Mixed Environment
        Hot Desk and Mobile Users
        Stopping Tree walking
      Upgrading Novell SecureLogin
        Upgrading from Novell SecureLogin 6.1, 6.1 Hotfixes, and 6.1 SP1
        Upgrading from Novell SecureLogin 6.0 and 6.0 Patches
        Upgrading from Novell SecureLogin 3.5.x
        Upgrading from Novell SecureLogin 3.0.x
        Upgrading Through The Command Line
      Upgrading Desktop Automation Services
      Upgrading and Modifying pcProx
    Legal Notices