27.1 Overview

Secure Workstation is a post-login method.

Secure workstation helps users to secure their workstations. Secure Workstation provides a policy based framework within which you can control locking the workstation and automatically log out of users based upon several different events, such as:

Secure Workstation is available to both connected and disconnected workstations. The policy can either be the local policy for disconnected workstation, which can be configured using Policy editor tool, or network policy for connected workstation by using Secure Workstation Post-Login Method for NMAS.

The Network policy is stored in eDirectory.

You can use iManager to configure the policy.

Supported Versions

Secure Workstation supports only Windows 2000 and later versions. Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, and other platforms are not supported.

The following two scenarios help you better understand the functioning of Secure Workstation.

Secure Workstation consists of the following components: