11.5 Microsoft Active Directory

11.5.1 Novell SecureLogin on Windows

If an error appears during an attempted login immediately after you install Novell SecureLogin on an Active Directory server, click OK in the error message, wait for a few minutes, then try again. This error occurs because Active Directory takes time to synchronize. If the error continues, you might need to restart the server.

11.5.2 LDAP Environment

Novell SecureLogin supports Microsoft Active Directory operating in an LDAP environment. There are no additional installation or configuration requirements. The only variation to the install is that you select LDAP and not Microsoft Active Directory as the installation platform. For details, see Section 9.3, Extending the LDAP Directory Schema and Assigning Rights on the Server

11.5.3 ADAM

Novell SecureLogin supports deployment in an ADAM instance. For more information, see Section V, Configuring, Installing, and Deploying In Active Directory Application Environment.