28.2 iManager Plug-In

Novell iManager is a state-of-the-art Web-based administration console that provides customized secure access to network administration utilities and content from any location in the world. With a global view of users' network from one browser-based tool, user can proactively assess and respond to changing network demands. Using iManager, user can administer Novell SecureLoginThe iManager plug-in for Novell SecureLogin are .npm files. A plug-in typically provides all the management functionality that a particular product, or feature set within a product, requires. It is assembled as a single file so you can quickly and easily add extend iManager to support the required management functionality.The plug-in are:

28.2.1 Desktop Automation Services Plug-In

The Desktop Automation Services plug-in, das.npm is an add-on to Novell SecureLogin that handles unique use cases associated with shared workstations or kiosks (multiple users using the same workstation during the day). The most common deployment is to provide fast user switching in Clinical Workstation or single sign-on for health care solutions.

28.2.2 pcProx Plug-In

The pcProx plug-in, pcprox.npm is an NMAS log in method that allows you to use the pcProx card to identify to the network. You can also set or remove a pcProx card ID for use by a specific user to authenticate to the network.

28.2.3 SecretStore Plug-In

By using the SecretStore plug-in, secretstore.npm you can use a single authentication to Novell eDirectory to access most UNIX, Windows, Web, and mainframe applications.

28.2.4 Single Sign-On Plug-In

The Single Sign-On plug-in, sso.npm manages the Novell SecureLogin data, which includes managing applications, logins, password policies, advanced settings, and distribution of Novell SecureLogin settings.

28.2.5 Secure Workstation Plug-In

The Secure Workstation plug-in, sw.npm allows you to configure secure workstation network policy for the NMAS sequence that has secure workstation post-login method configured.