32.4 Hot Desk and Mobile Users

Hot desking is the temporary physical occupation of a workstation or work surface by a particular employee. The work surface can either be an actual desk or a terminal link. Hot desking is regularly used in large enterprises where employees are spread across offices or geographical locations at different times, or at out of office for a long time.

Hot desk users do not work from a fixed workstation and their user data is stored on the directory. For example, in a hospital environment, staff might be stationed in a different ward for each shift, and they are able to access their applications and data from any workstation.

When these users log in to SecureLogin, their details are downloaded from the directory to the local workstation cache. All workstations accessed by Kiosk mode users must run the same version of SecureLogin. If users log in to an upgraded workstation, they cannot access their SecureLogin data on workstations running a previous version of the software.