12.2 Configuring a User’s Environment

SecureLogin provides centralized management and deployment of user configuration by usingthe directory structure and administration tools. In Active Directory environment, SecureLogin installs an additional tab to the Active Directory Users and Computers User Properties dialog box. This dialog box provides SecureLogin administrative functionality in the same utility you currently use to manage your Active Directory users.

Configuring a user's Novell SecureLogin environment includes:

Configure Novell SecureLogin on a test user account before installing SecureLogin on user workstations.

The following table shows the options available for deploying and distributing the user configuration. For information on deploying and distributing configuration, see Distributing Configurationsin the Novell SecureLogin Administration Guide.

Table 12-1 Deployment and Distribution Options

User Configuration Options


Copy Settings

Copies the Novell SecureLogin configuration from one object in the same directory to another object

Export and import

Distributes the configuration by using an XML file.

Directory object inheritance

Inherits the configuration from a higher level directory object, such as a Group policy.

Corporate Configuration redirection

Specifies a directory object from which the configuration is inherited.