24.6 Accessing DAS

After you install DAS, the services are available individually or in combination through a DAS executable that can be accessed from any scripting interface available on Microsoft Windows, such as VBScript, JavaScript, login scripts, and batch files.

24.6.1 Accessing DAS through the Command Line Utility

shortcut target = “C:\Program Files\Novell\SecureLogin\Desktop Automation Services\ARS.exe" startup

NOTE:If you set up the workstation to automatically log in and you want DAS to start automatically, place a DAS shortcut in the Windows Startup group under the Start > Programs > Startup file directory.

24.6.2 Accessing DAS through VBScript

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE = "VBScript"> Sub physiciansApps Dim as Set as = CreateObject(“ARS.Control”) ars.Execute(“Run Physicians Applications”) End Sub</SCRIPT>

24.6.3 Accessing DAS through JavaScript

You can launch a DAS action through a JavaScript within an HTML page and launch the applications, log out, and perform other defined actions.

  • To set up a link on the HTML page, specify the following:

    <a href='javascript:var ars = new ActiveXObject("ARS.Control"); ars.Execute("Physicians_Application", null);'>Physicians Application Group</a>
  • To set up a function call in the HTML page, specify the following:

    function das_onclick_logout()
                     {var ars = new ActiveXObject("ARS.Control");
    ars.Execute("logoff", null);}

    NOTE:You might get an ActiveX content warning from Internet Explorer 6.0 or later. To avoid the warning, select Tools > Internet Options > Advanced within Internet Explorer. Scroll down to the Security tab and select Allow active content to run in files on My Computer, then click OK.

24.6.4 Accessing DAS through Visual Basic

<Assembly: Guid("ABB6194C-DDEC-4369-8ADF-E29BB367ED0C")>Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim arsObj As ARS.IARS = New ARS.CARSControl arsObj.Execute("Run Physicians Applications") End SubEnd Module