12.3 Configuring Roaming Profiles

Enterprises often create roaming profiles for specific groups of users, defined by their organizational role or function, such as field engineers connecting from remote locations or accounting staff working at different locations. For these users, you can create a roaming profile and set the path to the target user’s profile.

For more information on creating roaming profiles in an Active Directory environment, see the Microsoft Support Web site.

NOTE:During loading, Novell SecureLogin loads the user’s profile, effectively locking that profile and preventing the user’s credential data from being copied to the roaming profile.

To prevent Novell SecureLogin from causing problems with existing user roaming profiles, you must manually force the Novell SecureLogin not to use the Microsoft Data Protection API (DPAPI) to encrypt the user’s credential data.

Configuring Novell SecureLogin for use with existing roaming profiles requires additional support for a successful deployment. Contact Novell Support for assistance.