32.5 Stopping Tree walking

Checking for inherited values from higher level objects is referred to as “tree walking.” Each time the SecureLogin user cache synchronizes with the directory, SecureLogin checks for changed configuration data including preference values, password policies, preconfigured applications, and application definitions.

SecureLogin data that is not manually configured at the user object level is automatically inherited from higher-level directory objects. To ensure that higher-level object settings are not inadvertently inherited by lower-level objects, you need to set Stop walking here to Yes before upgrading.

You can also use this option to limit directory traffic in organizations where the network is congested or geographically dispersed. Set his function at the organizational unit or container level to stop SecureLogin from traversing the directory hierarchy past the specified level.

To set the Stop walking here option at the Users container:

  1. Access iManager, then select Manage SecureLogin SSO from the left pane.

  2. Select Preferences from the drop-down list.

  3. Select the Stop walking here option and change the value to Yes.

  4. Click Apply.

All user objects in the Users container will now inherit their SecureLogin configuration from the Users container level and below.