10.0 Deploying

Novell SecureLogin provides centralized management and deployment of user configuration by using the directory structure and administration tools in the same utility. We recommend that you configure Novell SecureLogin on a test user account before deployment.

Use the industry standard application distribution packages such as Novell ZENWorks, Systems Management Server, and Microsoft IntelliMirror to deploy and manage Novell SecureLogin across large enterprises.

Novell SecureLogin can also be installed, configured, and features can be added and removed using Microsoft Windows Installer (MSIExec) options and parameters from the command line or provided through a batch file.

Prior to installing Novell SecureLogin, ensure the LDAP certificate file is saved in the default certificate location of the LDAP log, for example, securelogin\rootcert.der. This certificate is used onlyin non-eDirectory environments.

NOTE:Copying the LDAP Certificate is necessary only in the Active Directory or Non-eDir LDAP compliant directories. This step is not necessary in default eDirectroy environments.