16.0 Configuring

The instructions provided in this section apply to the configuration of the ADAM instance stored and administered on a separate server from the Active Directory server domain controller. Follow the same instructions even if your configuration does not separate the Active Directory server and the ADAM instance server.

Active Directory and ADAM

Novell SecureLogin supports deployment in an ADAM (AD LDS) instance. Active Directory is responsible for network authentication, while ADAM is responsible for storing and providing the SecureLogin configuration data, setting, policies, and application definitions. For example, if a user logs in to the network and authenticates successfully to Active Directory, the user can then access ADAM for the user’s single sign-on data.

For more information on AD LDS, see Microsoft Web site.

For comprehensive information on ADAM, visit the Microsoft Web site.

You can download the ADAM application from the Microsoft Web site.

Also read the ADAM release notes from the ADAM Service Pack 1 available at the Microsoft Knowledge Base article KB902838.

Following are the tasks involved in configuring Novell SecureLogin in an ADAM environment: