15.4 ADAMconfig.exe and LDIFDE.exe

ADAMconfig.exe relies on Microsoft’s LDAP Data Interchange Format Directory Extension (ldifde.exe) to run properly. However Microsoft distributes two versions of this file, one for Active Directory and another for ADAM. Only the version distributed with an ADAM installation is suitable for use with ADAMconfig.exe. You must be located in the same folder as ADAMconfig.exe unless you have edited the default system path.

During the install process, Novell SecureLogin checks for ldifde.exe file. If the required version is not found, the following warning is displayed.

Figure 15-1 Warning message

If the correct version of ldifde.exe is installed in a customized file path, click Yes to continue. Otherwise, click No. It launches the ADAM configuration wizard.

Figure 15-2 ADAM Configuration Wizard