22.8 Silent Install

A silent install provides InstallShield Wizard with instructions for installing Novell SecureLogin. To use a silent install, you must use a response file.

A response file is a text file (responsefile.ini) containing sections and keys. The response file is created during installation in <WidowsVolume>\NSLFiles\responsefile.ini. It captures your responses to the dialogs thatyou encounter during the installation. This is later used as an input for silent installation.

IMPORTANT:During silent install, the PATHTOISS property must contain the absolute path to responsefile.ini. If it is a relative path or if the file path is invalid, then Novell SecureLogin installation is aborted.

For instance,

If you use the command line installation with a response file on Microsoft Windows Vista platform, disable the User Access Control before starting the install.

You can create a new response file or edit one from a previous installation. During the installation, the responsefile.ini is created in the <WindowsVolume>\NSLFiles folder. It is recommended that you do not modify the responsefile.ini.

IMPORTANT:Non-English users must first run MSI with transform file and then run the update sequentially.

22.8.1 Example of a Response File

The following is an example of a response file.