19.4 Installation Overview

NOTE:The ?syspassword variable does not work in standalone mode. Because smart card options cannot be selected in a standalone mode installation, smart card login to standalone mode installs is not supported.

Novell SecureLogin standalone mode operates on a user’s workstation, which is independent of a network or, corporate directory system. In addition to providing a platform for Novell SecureLogin review and testing, the standalone mode is intended to provide Novell SecureLogin for individual workstations.

  1. Backup the existing workstation directory.

  2. Uninstall any Novell SecureLogin version prior to 3.5.x.

  3. Ensure that the Microsoft Management Console’s Active Directory plug-ins are installed on the administration workstation.

  4. Define and configure the Novell SecureLogin environment, including enabling single sign-on of the required applications.

  5. Copy test user configurations to relevant objects.

  6. Install the Novell SecureLogin application on user workstation.