Access Manager Developer Tools and Examples

The Access Manager SDK provides a collection of developer tools and examples to design a flexible and expandable access management system to enable your applications to interact with the Access Management capabilities of Access Manager, including federation, provisioning, and the secure delivery of identity information (user name and password, and X.509 certificates) to client-based applications. The SDK is designed for those who want to develop new applications or integrate existing applications with the standards-based security architecture of Access Manager.

Access Manager 4.2 view last update
Access Manager 4.2 Mobile SDK 03/2015
- MobileAccess iOS SDK Test App
- MobileAccess iOS Framework SIM
- MobileAccess iOS Framework
- Mobile Authentication for Access Manager
- SDK for Apple iOS Platform
Access Manager 4.2 API 03/2015
- NetIQ Access Manager 4.2 Developer Kit
- NetIQ Access Manager 4.2 Developer Guide   
- NetIQ Access Manager 4.2 – REST API Doc      
- NetIQ Access Manager SDK Sample Code   

Addtional Resources view last update
Access Manager Cool Solutions
OAuth 2.0 Reference
Previous Releases view last update
Access Manager 4.1 SDK 03/2015
- OAuth Authorization Sample   
Access Manager 4.1 API 03/2015
- NetIQ Access Manager 4.1 Developer Kit