NetIQ Access Manager Appliance 4.4

NetIQ Access Manager doesn't force you to trade business agility for better security controls. Ensure user productivity from any location by extending seamless access and security to all your users -- including partners. As a result, save time and money with heightened security and simplified administration. Access Manager is the only solution to combine advanced capabilities such as multi-factor authentication, data encryption, Single Sign-on and SSL VPN for local and remote users. Novell's patented, comprehensive approach saves you time and money by eliminating siloed provisioning and access control systems and by automating manual, time consuming IT and business processes.

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Getting Started view last update
NetIQ Access Manager Product Overview    03/13/2018
What's New    03/13/2018
NetIQ Access Manager Mobile Users Quick Start    03/13/2018

Release Notes view last update
Access Manager 4.4 Service Pack 1 Hotfix 1 Release Notes    04/05/2018
Access Manager 4.4 Service Pack 1 Release Notes    03/13/2018
Access Manager 4.4 Hotfix 1 Release Notes    03/13/2018
NetIQ Access Manager 4.4 Release Notes    03/13/2018

Installation view last update
Installation Guide    03/13/2018
Upgrade Guide    03/13/2018

Administration view last update
Administration Guide    03/13/2018
Applications Configuration Guide    03/13/2018
Security Guide    03/13/2018

Troubleshooting view last update
Event Codes    03/13/2018
Troubleshooting Installation and Upgrade    03/13/2018
Troubleshooting Access Manager Configuration    03/13/2018

Developer Documentation view last update
Developer Documentation 09/04/2017

Additional Resources view last update
Access Manager Support Life Cycle
Access Manager TIDs
Appliance Whitepaper 11/19/2015
JWT Validation Tool Readme 09/04/2017
JWT Validation Tool 09/04/2017
Load Test Best Practices Guide 01/18/2013
OAuth 2.0 Demo Application 02/11/2015
Performance and Sizing Guidelines 11/08/2017

End User License Agreement view last update
Access Manager 4.4 End User License Agreement 03/13/2018

Previous Releases view last update
NetIQ Access Manager Appliance 4.3 10/23/2017
NetIQ Access Manager Appliance 4.2 03/23/2016
NetIQ Access Manager Appliance 4.1 (and below) 08/27/2015