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The National Taiwan Normal University chose NetIQ eDirectory and Identity Manager for an integrated, automated and secure identity management system, enabling easy provisioning and reducing IT workload.

"Users are more satisfied now that they are empowered to manage passwords themselves, and since they are able to access the applications they wish without delay. This has increased productivity both for IT employees and all other users in the University."Paili ChenTeam Leader of the Administrative Resources Team, NTNU

About National Taiwan Normal University

Founded in 1946, the National Taiwan Normal University is a leading academic institution in Taiwan with 15,000 students and 4,000 teachers and staff. Comprising nine colleges, which include 29 departments and 53 research institutes, the University offers courses in a wide range of subjects, including the humanities, sciences, arts and sport.


The National Taiwan Normal University had a variety of IT systems in place, each with its own user management and authentication processes. With 15,000 students and 4,000 teachers and staff, this meant a massive administrative workload for IT staff.

Users typically need to access several different applications every day. It was common for users to forget their passwords and lock themselves out of systems, interrupting their work or study and resulting in a large number of calls to IT support staff. It was also difficult for the IT administrators to control user access, creating a potential threat to overall system security.

"Our staff were struggling to cope with the demands of users calling to replace passwords, manually provisioning new accounts and maintaining an under-performing system," said Paili Chen, Team Leader of the Administrative Resources Team at NTNU. "We needed to find a better solution."

Our Solution

NTNU reviewed offerings from a number of vendors before choosing Identity Manager and NetIQ eDirectory™ as its new identity management solution.

"We considered many offerings, but in the end NetIQ (now a part of Micro Focus) won in all respects—capabilities, services and price," said Chen. "The number of successful IT projects NetIQ has led in the Taiwanese education sector was another factor: it was clear they would have the experience and know-how to design the perfect solution for our needs."

NTNU consulted with us to plan the implementation, and within six to ten months the data migration, training, implementation and customization were complete with no performance issues.

"The support from NetIQ was very impressive—we were not sure how to transfer the data to the new systems safely but the NetIQ team were prepared for extensive discussion and communication," said Chen. "This ensured the implementation process went as smoothly as possible and our employees were familiarized with the software."

Introducing the solution automated many of the operations IT staff at NTNU had previously been forced to complete manually. For example, importing accounts into NetIQ eDirectory and then using Identity Manager for synchronization was an easy, standardized process, simplifying system development.

Identity Manager provides a single point of access for all users, enabling students, teachers and staff to access the applications they require by entering just one password. It is also easy for IT staff to ensure the appropriate permissions are applied to each user account, as authentication is clearly defined and can be rolled out across all systems immediately.

"We no longer have any concerns about security, as the tracking and verification capabilities of Identity Manager mean we are always aware of who has access to any application, and we can change access rights quickly and easily," said Chen.


Since implementing Identity Manager and NetIQ eDirectory, NTNU has significantly reduced its IT department workload through automated user provisioning. New users now gain immediate access to the relevant University systems, whereas previously they had to wait for IT staff to create and authorize these accounts manually.

The centralized account management system means that when issues do arise, it is a straightforward process for employees to identify the problem and solve it.

"In the past, IT staff were often kept busy with requests to change passwords or account permissions. They would have to spend time manually inputting these changes in each of the relevant systems," said Chen. "Now we simply make the change once, and it is rolled out across all appropriate applications systematically and reliably."

Providing single sign-on capabilities has reduced the number of people contacting IT staff for assistance and improved the end user experience. The password self-service feature in Identity Manager has given some control of accounts to the users themselves.

"Users are more satisfied now that they are empowered to manage passwords themselves, and since they are able to access the applications they wish without delay," said Chen. "This has increased productivity both for IT employees and all other users in the University."

NetIQ eDirectory is a data warehouse that can grow in proportion with the number of NTNU users without any loss of performance. Combined with Identity Manager, the improvement in security has eliminated the need for extra monitoring and authorization applications, saving on hardware and software costs.

"The NetIQ solution has given NTNU the ability to make the most of opportunities for growth and improvement," said Chen. "NTNU has already seen significant benefits in terms of our resource utilization and productivity, and we expect more to come. Working with NetIQ, we feel we are equipped for a successful future."


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  • Increased productivity both for IT employees and all other users in the University
  • Savings on hardware and software costs.

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