BT has a massive global infrastructure that is heavily reliant on internal servers and large multi-vendor IP telephony (IPT) systems. BT requires proactive performance monitoring to help ensure any issues are quickly identified and remedied.

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"AppManager has simplified our lives – allowing us to monitor a multitude of Windows servers and to proactively identify potential incidents across our platforms. With so many servers, we benefit from full automation of the 24/7 monitoring."Noel MorganApplication Support Specialist, BT

About BT

BT, a global leader in communication solutions and services, has been working with us for nearly 10 years to manage internal servers and VoIP systems. With our solutions, BT is able to effectively monitor and manage internal operations to ensure maximum uptime and speedy resolution of service affecting issues. This has been particularly useful in monitoring service drop-outs in offshore locations, allowing BT to react to issues quickly that may otherwise have gone unnoticed indefinitely. Our commitment to internal training for its customers has also resulted in BT engineers becoming highly knowledgeable AppManager® users. This has allowed BT to gain the maximum benefit from the relationship and utilise the full functionality of the product while achieving a very high return on its investment.


BT’s use of VoIP for internal communications provides a significant competitive advantage, but only if the performance of the complex, multi-vendor system is maintained effectively. Factors such as IPT servers being available and voicemail functioning correctly are essential to effective operations. The data networks needs to be running at maximum performance and the call quality needs to meet end-user expectations at all times.

Security can also play a major role in IPT service, and there is a clear business need to monitor VoIP security to ensure availability and integrity. This continuous management can be time consuming and highly complex. AppManager provides a comprehensive solution for BT that manages, analyses, and diagnoses issues with the network and automates key tasks to help ensure that VoIP is available and working at optimum efficiency at all times.

Our Solution

BT first deployed AppManager for VoIP in 2002 to monitor and manage a Cisco Call Manager environment that included several thousand IP phones. Over the years this environment has grown exponentially in terms of size and complexity and AppManager now monitors more than 40,000 IP phones in Cisco Unified Communications Manager clusters and Avaya CS 1000 systems. AppManager monitors all aspects of the IPT environment, including system health, usage, performance, call activity, phone registrations, and call quality. Not only limited to the communication manager or call server, AppManager is also set up to monitor the gateways and voicemail systems. Additionally, AppManager integrates seamlessly into BT’s manager-of-managers so that the NOC has a single interface for monitoring the entire IT infrastructure.

Throughout this relationship, we and BT have been looking at new ways to work together in order to offer the best services to BT customers. We have provided specific customisation to BT, including adding the ability to alert when emergency calls are active. Over the past few years, BT has been providing constructive feedback to us, which has resulted in several enhancements for AppManager.

The most recent development for the two companies has come about through Avaya. BT is Avaya’s largest and most productive channel partner in EMEA. Due to the close relationship between us and BT, the company is now an authorised reseller of AppManager for Avaya (heritage-Nortel) Solution and can deliver in-depth training on how to use our solution. BT has already provided this solution to a number of large enterprises, including healthcare organisations and police forces across the UK.


Noel Morgan, Application Support Specialist at BT, comments, “We have been working with NetIQ (now a part of Micro Focus) for a long time and the relationship just keeps getting stronger. As more of our operations move offshore, it is increasingly important for us to have a clear view of service outages so we can address them as quickly as possible without affecting the service we provide to the end user. What we are aiming for is a get-it-right-the-first-time approach. Critical to our success is the ability to automate many of our processes. Our NetIQ investments have enabled this to become a reality.”

Noel Healy, Senior Systems Management Specialist, states, “It has been a pleasure to work closely with BT over the years and to see the relationship evolve. With BT we have been able to continually develop our products to more closely meet their specific needs. This has meant that the continuing development of AppManager has benefited from honest and constructive customer feedback. The fact that BT has recently become a reseller of our products is a testament to the strength of this relationship.”


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