Secured password vaulting

Store credentials, keys, and other secret information in the Enterprise Credential Vault

Enable password check-out for hypervisors easily by using out-of-box policy templates.

Enable password check-out

Out-of-box policy templates are easily customizable.

Out-of-box policy.

Privileged Account Manager features an Enterprise Credential Vault, or an encrypted password "vault," that provides secure storage of your system, application and database passwords. The Enterprise Credential Vault helps you to centrally manage your organization’s privileged accounts. The Enterprise Credential Vault provides an intuitive interface for privileged users to check-out and return passwords, and supports both policy-based and workflow-based password retrievals. Other capabilities include:

  • Check-out of credentials for a custom duration of time
  • Out-of-box approval workflow and notifications
  • Broader privileged account support:
    • Applications (e.g. SAP System)
    • Databases (e.g. Microsoft SQL database, Oracle DBMS)
    • Cloud services (e.g.
    • Virtual servers (e.g. VMWare ESXi)
    • Secure Keys (e.g. Office license keys)

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