Risk-based privileged session control

Color coded keystrokes.

Color coded keystrokes.

Powerful risk-analysis tools record user activity—and stop it if it becomes risky

Privileged Account Manager enables auditors to proactively identify potential risks before the business is negatively impacted. Using a unique risk-analysis engine, Privileged Account Manager analyzes each command as it is typed and assigns it a risk level from 0 to 9 based on the command executed, the user who executed it and the location. High-risk commands are color coded as red and low-risk commands are color coded as green, with varying shades in between for instant identification of events that could pose a security risk.

Playback functions.

Playback functions.

Auditors can view any recorded keystroke activity through an intuitive interface with play back functions. If an event requires further analysis, a workflow process escalates the event to the appropriate managers—either by sending an email notification or flagging the event in the compliance auditor console—who can take immediate action.

Privileged Account Manager extends risk-based activity control to deliver automated policy enforcement during privileged user sessions. If a user performs a risky activity, such as accessing restricted data or stopping a service, an administrator can configure Privileged Account Manager to disconnect a session automatically and revoke a user from accessing any privileged accounts.

The unique risk-based profiling and session control capabilities of Privileged Account Manager enable fast and easy identification and disruption of user activity that is risky, allowing you to mitigate potential damage caused by malicious activity or accidental misuse.

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