The right data at the right time

Intelligent alerting helps to reduce risk from insider and targeted attacks

Intelligent alerts answer key security and audit questions

Intelligent alerts answer key security and audit questions clearly and simply, enabling fastest response to threats.

A leading cause of breaches and internal attacks is the misuse of privileged access. And while emerging technologies such as cloud and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) are improving the way we do business, they are also introducing complexities never before experienced, especially when it comes to your ability to securely enable access to data and resources from anywhere.

With your sensitive data and resources now exposed to more access points than ever before, not being able to distinguish an insider from an outsider once they are in your system becomes an even bigger security risk.

Change Guardian™ is a privileged-user activity and change-monitoring solution that helps you to detect and respond to potential threats in real time through intelligent alerting of unauthorized access and changes to critical files, systems, and applications. The alerts contain enriched security information with the detail necessary to identify threats and record change.

Each intelligent alert answers key security and audit questions, such as:

  • What action was performed?
  • Who performed the action?
  • When was the action taken?
  • Where was the action taken?
  • Was the action authorized?
  • Before-and-after change details

The information is presented simply and clearly, eliminating the need for expertise in various event types and dramatically reducing the time and complexity of responding to suspicious activity.

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