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Sign up now for AppManager® in Action–a series of webcasts presented by our product pros and designed specifically for our customers. These in-depth, interactive sessions will show you how to get the most out of your AppManager deployment.

Our expert team will deliver the technical tips and tricks to make your job easier and help you make your boss's day. Bring your toughest questions, our experts will be available for extensive Q&A.

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How To Monitor Just About Anything

AppManager provides monitoring for many technologies, but not every application or device has an available module to monitor it. So what's the easiest way to monitor something without a module?

Join AppManager expert Joe Hargrave to find out how to:

  • Enable application administrators to build their own modules with AppManager Module Builder.
  • Monitor network and other devices effectively with the SNMP Toolkit.
  • Understand how end users perceive your applications' performance using AppManager ResponseTime Modules.

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Lessons from the Field: Deploying AppManager 8 in the Real World

In this webcast, AppManager Professional Services expert Brian May shares the lessons he's learned from other customer deployments and to help you:

  • Integrate and automate Windows and UNIX agent deployment with current processes and tools
  • Automate monitoring configurations with policies and management groups
  • Apply monitoring to all of the components that support an application

In this webcast, "Deploying AppManager in the Real World" you will learn how to maintain accurate monitoring so that information gaps do not develop, while making it easier to collect the events and data you need to keep your IT systems and applications performing at their best.

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Boost AppManager with Best Practices for Module Upgrades

You rely on AppManager for monitoring business-critical applications and systems. So when it's time to upgrade, you want to know that it will be done right.

Gain valuable insight from those who have already implemented AppManager 8. In this webcast, Ugo Corti from Professional Services and Michi Schniebel of Product Management will provide advice on how to plan for and execute your upgrade, covering topics such as:

  • Possible upgrade scenarios
  • Preparing for the upgrade
  • Migrations
  • Knowledge Script® propagation

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We Simplify System and Application Management

To reduce the burden facing today's overworked IT operations staff as they strive to keep monitoring current, we introduce AppManager 8.

This latest release helps customers:

  • Reduce the time and skills needed to maintain accurate monitoring
  • Improve responsiveness to changes in highly-dynamic environments.
  • Reduce capital and operational costs.

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Turbo Charge AppManager with Custom Properties

Do you struggle with deploying custom properties in AppManager? Do you want to create unique views for different users without going into overdrive?

A team of product experts are waiting to help you reduce your time managing critical systems by leveraging custom properties in AppManager Control Center. Custom properties allow you to assign business value to an object within your AppManager environment and group those objects for simpler management of key assets.

Our experts Brian Hollering and Joe Hargrave, will show you how to:

  • Set up and view custom properties
  • Use custom properties for overrides
  • Create management groups based on custom properties

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Introducing AppManager Module Builder

AppManager Module Builder provides Windows-based application health monitoring from the perspective of your application experts. Using a simple wizard, your application experts answer a brief series of questions that provides the details you need to generate an AppManager module, including discovery and monitoring Knowledge Scripts specifically designed to monitor your custom and commercial, off-the-shelf applications.

This Web seminar will explain how AppManager Module Builder allows you to:

  • Easily address existing gaps in your monitoring.
  • Eliminate the need to develop multiple custom modules.
  • Maintain module currency along with application updates.
  • Develop and deploy custom AppManager module within hours, not days.

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Reduce Expenses by Automating Report Production

Analysis Center 2.7 automatically collects and stores metrics in a data warehouse and distributes pre-defined reports on schedule or on demand. Now is the time to take advantage of the full cost-savings benefits of Analysis Center by migrating to this latest version.

Analysis Center 2.7 offers the following enhancements:

  • Data Mart and Data Warehouse Support on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP2
  • 64-bit Support
  • Microsoft Windows 2008 Support

Analysis Center 2.7 also includes a user-interface driven data migration utility that minimizes the effort of IT administrators and seamlessly migrates data from version 2.6 to 2.7. Learn how Analysis Center can reduce report production costs as well as best practices for migrating to Analysis Center 2.7 from our Professional Services.

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Maximize Control and Visibility with the Latest Update to AppManager Control Center

With the upcoming release of AppManager, we are offering you the opportunity to further leverage your AppManager investment. The training will provide you with information around Control Center and Remote Deployment Enhancements featured in AppManager v. 7.04.

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