Sentinel Enterprise and Sentinel for Log Management 8.1

Sentinel delivers real-time monitoring and remediation for automated security and compliance. With a single view of security and compliance events across the enterprise, Sentinel combines identity management and security events management for real-time. Sentinel streamlines labor-intensive and error-prone processes, cuts costs through automation, and enables you to deliver a more rigorous security and compliance program.

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Getting Started view last update
Sentinel 8.1.1 Release Notes 01/25/2018
Sentinel Release Notes 07/07/2017
Sentinel 8.1 Release Notes 06/30/2017

Guides view last update
Installation and Configuration Guide    06/30/2017
Administration Guide    06/30/2017
User Guide    06/30/2017

Videos view last update
Investigating a UDP Flood or Denial-of-Service Attack
Investigating a Data Breach by Using Alerts

Sentinel Agent Manager view last update
Release Notes 06/30/2017
Installation Guide    06/30/2017
User Guide    06/30/2017

Security Agent for UNIX view last update
Security Agent for UNIX 7.5 and later 09/2017
Security Agent for UNIX 7.4
- Release Notes 04/2014
- Security Agent for UNIX Installation and Configuration Guide    03/2014

Sentinel Link view last update
Sentinel Link Overview Guide    11/03/2016

Driver for Sentinel view last update
Implementation Guide    06/13/2013

Sentinel Plug-Ins view last update
Sentinel Plug-ins Download (Plug-ins and documentation for Collectors, Connectors, Solution Packs, Actions, and Integrators)

Previous Releases view last update
Sentinel 8.0
Sentinel 7.4
Sentinel 7.3
Sentinel 7.2
Sentinel 7.1
Sentinel 7.0