Sentinel Enterprise and Sentinel for Log Management 7.3.4

Sentinel delivers real-time monitoring and remediation for automated security and compliance. With a single view of security and compliance events across the enterprise, Sentinel 7.3 combines identity management and security events management for real-time. Sentinel 7.3 streamlines labor-intensive and error-prone processes, cuts costs through automation, and enables you to deliver a more rigorous security and compliance program.

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Getting Started view last update
Sentinel 7.3.4 Release Notes    10/25/2016

Guides view last update
Installation and Configuration Guide    02/13/2015
Administration Guide    02/13/2015
User Guide    02/13/2015

Sentinel Agent Manager view last update
Sentinel Agent Manager Installation Guide   
Sentinel Agent Manager User Guide    02/13/2015
Sentinel Agent Manager Migration Guide    02/13/2015
Security Agent for UNIX view last update
Security Agent for UNIX 7.5
- Release Notes 11/2016
- Security Agent for UNIX Installation and Configuration Guide    11/2016
Security Agent for UNIX 7.4
- Release Notes 04/2014
- Security Agent for UNIX User Guide    03/2014

Sentinel Link view last update
Sentinel Link Overview Guide    12/18/2012

Driver for Sentinel view last update
Implementation Guide    06/13/2013

Sentinel Plug-Ins view last update
Sentinel Plug-ins Download (Plug-ins and documentation for Collectors, Connectors, Solution Packs, Actions, and Integrators)

Security Manager to Sentinel Upgrade view last update
Security Manager to Sentinel Upgrade Guide

Sentinel Internal Audit Events view last update
Sentinel Internal Audit Events    04/2012

Previous Releases view last update
Sentinel 7.3
- Sentinel 7.3.3 Release Notes 07/27/2016
- Sentinel 7.3.2 Release Notes 11/19/2015
- Sentinel 7.3.1 Release Notes 07/09/2015
- Sentinel Release Notes 05/07/2015
- Sentinel 7.3 Release Notes 02/10/2015
Sentinel 7.2
Sentinel 7.1
Sentinel 7.0