Privileged Account Manager 3.1

NetIQ Privileged Account Manager delivers privileged user control, tracking and auditing for UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms-giving you a single product to secure your entire server infrastructure.

With NetIQ Privileged Account Manager, you centrally define rules for allowing or denying user activity based on a combination of user name, typed command, host name and time (who, what, where and when).

Getting Started view last update
Privileged Account Manager 3.1 Hotfix1 Release Notes    09/15/2016
Privileged Account Manager 3.1 Release Notes    07/08/2016
Installation Guide    12/20/2015

End User License Agreement view last update
End User License Agreement    12/09/2015

Administration view last update
Administration Guide    12/20/2015

Driver for IDM view last update
Driver Implementation Guide    02/01/2016

Additional Resources view last update
Command Control Access to Network Devices 03/01/2014
Control Access to Privileged User Manager Service 06/18/2013
Command Control Perl Scripting Guide 06/18/2013
Evaluation Database Package 09/03/2009
Evaluation Quick Start Guide 05/23/2012
JSON API Guide 06/18/2013
Performance and Sizing Guidelines 03/2014
REST API Guide 20/06/2016

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Privileged Account Manager 3.0.1
- Privileged Account Manager 3.0 SP1 Hotfix3 Release Notes    01/10/2017
- Privileged Account Manager 3.0 SP1 Hotfix2 Release Notes    09/14/2016
- Privileged Account Manager 3.0 SP1 Hotfix1 Release Notes    03/29/2016
- Guides 03/29/2016
Privileged Account Manager 3.0 06/10/2015
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Privileged User Manager 2.5 (and below) 02/10/2015