Driver Developer Kit

NetIQ Identity Manager Driver Kit for Linux and Windows operating systems allows you to write drivers to take advantage of NetIQ Identity Manager features. These drivers can integrate disparate directories, databases, and systems and enable data to be automatically shared and synchronized across these systems. The drivers connect systems despite different naming conventions and schema definitions.

NetIQ Identity Manager Driver Kit contains tools to help developers create drivers.

Drivers that ship with Identity Manager 4.7 are included in the software that is delivered as part of the Identity Manager purchase. Additional drivers are available from the NetIQ Software Downloads site.

Identity Manager evaluation software is available here.

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Your use of these files is subject to the NetIQ Developer License Agreement unless different license terms accompany the file itself, in which case those terms govern.
Windows -  zip  14 MB
Linux - NetIQ-IdentityManager-dev_20180522.tar.gz  gz  15 MB
Sample Code  zip  .2 MB
General Driver FAQ  html 
JavaDocs  html 
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NetIQ Identity Manager Driver Kit - Readme  html 
NetIQ Identity Manager Driver Kit  pdf  2 MB
XML Interfaces for C++  pdf  .5 MB
API documentation for .NET Drivers  html   chm  2 MB
Understanding Packages  html 
- Developing Packages  html 
- Managing Packages  html 
- Configuring Packages  html 
- Configuring Package Content  html 
- Best Practices for Package Development  html 
Understanding Entitlements  html 
- Why Use Entitlements?  html 
- How Entitlements Work?  html 
- Drivers with Preconfigured Entitlements  html 
- Creating Entitlements  html 
- Understanding Identity Manager 4.0 and Later Entitlement Formats  html 
- Editing Entitlements  html 
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Product Documentation  html 
Cool Solutions  html 
IDM Discussion Forums  html