Identity Assurance Solution 3.0.2

Identity Assurance Solution offers an integrated logical and physical control system that complies with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12). It provides a complete system for managing the enrollment, issuance, access control, and retirement of Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards. This solution is in compliance with the Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 201 (FIPS 201) and provides components such as an Identity Management System (IDMS), a User Enrollment/Biometric Capture system, a Card Management System (CMS), and Logical and Physical Access Control Systems (LACS/PACS).

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Readme  html   pdf  .2 MB 02/08/2008
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Installation Guide  html   pdf  1 MB 05/12/2008
- Overview  html 
- Planning the Identity Assurance Solution Installation  html 
- Installing Identity Assurance Solution  html 
- Configuring Identity Assurance Solution  html 
- Troubleshooting the Identity Assurance Solution  html 
Novell Enhanced Smart Card Method Installation Guide  html   pdf  2 MB 07/17/2007
- Overview  html 
- Novell Enhanced Smart Card Method Installation  html 
- Configuring the Client  html 
- Configuring the Server  html 
- Basic Configuration Requirements  html 
- Troubleshooting  html 
- Security Administrator's Guide  html 
- Novell Audit Integration  html 
Administration view size last update
Administration Guide  html   pdf  .5 MB 02/15/2008
- Overview  html 
- Managing System-Wide Roles  html 
- Managing Agency-Specific Roles  html 
- Troubleshooting  html