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Enabling anywhere, anytime access to your network securely is easy with help from Consulting.

Make sure your web access is working for you

Organizations need proven and efficient ways to successfully implement secure, Web-based access to data and systems. We can help. With extensive experience in planning and implementing identity and access management solutions, our consulting can deliver a solid access management solution that's tailored to your unique needs.

Web Access Management provides strategic benefits

When correctly implemented, Web Access Management capabilities enable organizations to provide data and business processes securely via the Web. Exposing critical business processes and data requires establishing trusted relationships with every user before granting access, a task that can easily become an administrative nightmare if not implemented correctly.

Web Access Management engagements from consulting and its network of partners are on-site consulting engagements designed to ensure your Web Access Management solution is implemented and operating correctly. Beginning with a strategic view of how the Web Access Management capability supports your business, a Web Access Management engagement ensures that all aspects of your Identity and Access Management solution design are carefully considered before delivering a comprehensive Web Access Management solution that provides secure identity-based access both inside and outside the corporate walls.

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Getting started with Web Access Management

Our consulting is ready to help you implement comprehensive Web Access Management. From architectural planning to tactical deployment initiatives, Our company and its partners offer comprehensive services to support your Web Access Management implementation. By using proven our best practices and tools, you'll experience accelerated results while mitigating risks and maximizing returns on investment.

Our consulting can help you plan and implement the following types of Web Access Management to meet your unique needs:

  • Web Access Management planning, architecture definition and road mapping
  • Federated identity management with Access Manager™
  • Access Manager implementation
  • iChain to Access Manager migration
  • SSL VPN solution using Access Manager
  • Migration from other vendors to Access Manager
  • Web services security*

*Offered in conjunction with Layer 7 technologies

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A Web Access Management engagement with our company and its partners bolsters your efforts and improves your results. Our proven approach, experience, tools and methodology will:

  • Reveal exactly what products and technologies you need to implement secure Web access
  • Deliver an actionable implementation plan
  • Establish a predefined architecture for success in your environment
  • Reduce implementation costs
  • Uncover hidden potentials in your company

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