Security Event Management Deployment

Our Consulting and our Partners can help deploy a reliable security event and log management system.

Security monitoring made easy

Protecting your critical information, intellectual property and reputation is a complex, never-ending challenge that requires an intricate blend of technology, experience and knowledge. We can offer you all those key ingredients—with the first identity-enabled, automated security monitoring platform backed by a team of expert consultants and proven methodologies. Together, Sentinel™ Enterprise and our consulting can help you build a powerful and flexible Security Identity and Event Management (SIEM) foundation that lowers your business and security risks by automatically monitoring and managing critical security devices, computer logs, and activities.

Faster, more efficient risk management

What's the fastest, most efficient way to design, test and execute a next-generation SIEM solution that perfectly matches your business requirements and works seamlessly with your existing technology infrastructure? The answer is an on-site consulting engagement from our consulting or one of its partners that provides the people, expertise and proven methodologies you'll need to take advantage of the log management and security monitoring capabilities Sentinel Enterprise can offer.

Log management made easy

IT managers and IT auditors are faced with the overwhelming complexity when it comes to managing logs from a many different sources. Now, there is a solution that makes compliance and reporting easy: Sentinel Log Manager. Sentinel Log Manager provides storage and data management, as well as reporting and search, for organizational system logs. These capabilities make it possible for organizations to conduct forensics, troubleshoot system issues, and create reports. Consequently, Sentinel Log Manager makes it possible to comply with regulations and satisfy compliance requirements. And getting started is easier than you think by using a Sentinel Log Manager Engagement from our consulting or one of its trusted partners.

Engagement details

Sentinel Log Manager engagements

Sentinel Log Manager engagements include:

Log manager planning and assessment—This three-day engagement quickly gives a high-level view of the business, security, and technical issues that can be addressed by Sentinel Log Manager. This includes an analysis of your current security architecture, network resources and access policies to those resources, and/or integration of all these areas into a comprehensive monitoring/response solution.

Log manager implementation—This week long engagement offers a targeted implementation for organizations that have pressing compliance needs or just want to get started immediately. Select up to five collectors from our pre-defined collector list and be prepared to watch and learn as our experienced consultants perform a deployment in your environment.

Custom collector development and deployment—Sentinel Log Manager's open architecture can be customized in a wide variety of ways to connect to virtually any data source and provide custom reports for compliance and other purposes. We can provide a wide array of business and technical consulting to fine-tune the product to integrate with local policies and procedures.

Sentinel Enterprise standard deployment

Experts will provide you with:

Assessment and recommendations—This includes a careful analysis of your business and technical requirements where key business drivers are identified and critical compliance and regulatory standards are defined.

A production deployment roadmap—Using an approved architecture definition framework, your SIEM solution is designed into a detailed production roadmap defining event sources, connection methodologies and component capacity specifications; developing detailed system component implementation and rollback plans; and finalizing detailed testing plans.

A production pilot implementation of Sentinel Enterprise—After the lab implementation and thorough testing, your team will deploy a limited pilot of the solution into your production environment. This involves connecting a representative group of devices to the new Sentinel Enterprise SIEM solution and testing the full range of functionality.

Knowledge transfer—This includes an in-depth walk-through of the architectural components, roadmap, implementation and potential additional applications of Sentinel Enterprise to select members of your IT staff.

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Knowledge Transfer—This includes an in-depth walk-through of the architectural components, roadmap, implementation and potential additional applications of Sentinel Enterprise to select members of your IT staff.

Security Event Management Deployment Flyer (PDF)


Using a Security Event Management Deployment, you can:

  • Improve security and regulatory compliance quickly
  • Save time, money, and management efforts
  • Reduce implementation costs
  • Ensure knowledge transfer to your IT staff

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