Privileged User Manager Deployment

Deploying a privileged user management solution to assure compliant and audited super user access is easy with help from Consulting.

Control the risks of unauthorized and unmonitored super-user access

In the current business climate, all enterprises—particularly those in regulated industries such as financial services and health care—are obligated not only to provide controls against unauthorized data access, but also to keep complete and accurate audit data on that access. Privileged User Manager allows organizations to do that by defining the commands that privileged users are able to execute and the rules for allowing or denying super-user activity. Additionally, all privileged user activity is recorded in a powerful audit reporting and management tool, allowing you take immediate action when suspicious activity occurs.

Privileged User Manager Deployment

Our company and its global network of trusted partners are ready to help you address your super-user challenges and management policies through a flexible Privileged User Manager Deployment consulting engagement. This offering can help you design, configure, test and deploy a pilot super-user management solution that allows administrators to centrally define super-user policies on any UNIX or Linux platforms, ensuring that only authorized users can perform specific administration tasks.

Engagement details

Privileged User Manager Deployment made simple

The Privileged User Manager offering is an on-site engageĀ­ment that establishes a flexible, yet defined, super-user management policy. You can easily administer, monitor and expand this policy to include more systems, applications and users as your needs change. The core offering leverages the Unified Delivery Process and includes the following specific phases and deliverables.


During this initial phase, your consulting team will work with all of the important stakeholders and subject matter experts in your organization to develop a high-level understanding of your environment and objectives. This includes conducting a direction setting exercise to identify your business objectives, define initiatives and establish clear privileged user management goals.


The elaboration phase uses the findings from the inception phase to carefully assess your business and technology requirements, define the scope of your Privileged User Manager deployment and map your requirements to specific functional areas. This requirements assessment leads directly to the development of a detailed design that brings all the pieces together into a cohesive architecture.


This phase involves installing and configuring your super-user management solution in an isolated laboratory environment, developing a detailed testing and deployment plan and conducting thorough integration testing. As part of this process, your consulting team will also help you perform user acceptance testing and make any necessary adjustments to the solution.


After constructing and testing the solution in a lab setting, your consulting team will work with you to deploy the final pilot solution into your live production environment—and then make arrangements to provide the assistance and support you'll need going forward. After the engagement ends, you'll have the documented knowledge in place to use the solution effectively and quickly extend a secure privileged user management solution across all your Linux and UNIX systems.

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Need to know more? Use the handy resource below to find out more details about Privileged User Manager as well as Services in general.

Privileged User Manager Deployment (PDF)


Using a Privileged User Manager Deployment, you can:

  • Reduce compliance risks by monitoring and controlling super user access
  • Improve security and compliance
  • Guarantee Privileged User Manager is deployed correctly to protect your enterprise
  • Ensure industry best-practices are followed

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