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Our consulting makes secure password management with self-service easy to achieve.

Password management made easy

Are you ready to fully capitalize on your Identity Manager investment? If so, our consulting can help. By adding a comprehensive password management system that is easy to use and tailored to your unique business needs, we can help you reduce cost, complexity and risk throughout your business.

Password management tailored for your organization

Many people recognize that award-winning Identity Manager reduces IT management costs, increases security and improves organizational compliance. However, few people know that Identity Manager can also be used as a foundation for a customized and comprehensive password management system. Four exciting password management capabilities open new doors to flexible password management:

  • Password Self-Service
  • Password Management Framework
  • Identity Manager Client Login Extensions
  • Customized Client Login Extensions

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Password Self-Service

Sometimes a simple answer can be both elegant and easy. That's what Password Self-Service provides. Using the Identity Manager User Application, Password Self-Service delivers:

Self-service password reset—The task of password administration is passed to individuals rather than IT staff

Password synchronization—Changed passwords are synchronized to connected systems via Identity Manager

Password management framework

If you like the benefits Password Self-Service provides but need more depth and flexibility, Consulting can help. Password Management Framework builds a more robust, comprehensive and customizable solution than Password Self-Service. A customized Password Management Framework capability has all the benefit of Password Self-Service, but also:

  • Enables extensive customization for capabilities and the user interface to create a seamless user experience
  • Adds new capabilities such as password dictionary checking, on-the-fly validation, and extensive password reset options
  • Builds upon your existing Identity Manager integrations for a quick and easy deployment
  • Provides Service Center (helpdesk) tools to assist your front-line support with password resets

Identity Manager Client Login Extensions

Web-based Password Self-Service is a great solution, but can lead to challenges if users cannot authenticate to their workstation and launch a browser. This is where Client Login Extensions included with Identity Manager 4 can help. This basic desktop-based, password self-service capability provides:

  • A "Forgot Your Password" link to the desktop login
  • A secure browser that enables password reset using challenge/response questions

Customized Client Login Extensions

Integrating passwords to allow desktop access and password reset is a smart security feature, but often results in increased calls to your helpdesk as passwords expire or are forgotten. However, with Customized Client Login Extensions, you can tailor your users' experience to reduce calls. CustomĀ­ized Client Login Extensions expand the basic desktop-based password self-service capabilities with:

  • Bad password detection that prompts users to change their password before they run out of failed login attempts
  • Expired password notification that prompts corrective actions to reduce calls to your IT staff
  • "Forced challenge response enrollment of users" that decreases calls for password resets

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Use the handy resource below to find out more details about Password Management as well as Services in general.

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A Password Management engagement with and its partners bolsters your efforts and improves your results. Our proven approach, experience, tools and methodology will:

  • Reveal exactly what products and technologies you need to implement secure password management with self-help capabilities
  • Deliver a actionable implementation plan
  • Establish a predefined architecture for success in your environment
  • Reduce implementation costs
  • Reduce password-related calls to your helpdesk
  • Uncover hidden potentials in your company

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