Start for Identity Manager

Start for Identity Manager helps you leverage your Identity Manager investment to deliver core functionality and maximum value.


You know you want Identity Manager in your organization, but you don't know where to start. How much help will you need? How long will it take? What key features will help meet business objectives?

We understand your concerns. You have budget constraints. You have limited staff and little time to get a solution in place. You need efficiency, best practices and you need to leverage your Identity Manager investment as quickly as possible. Start for Identity Manager is the answer. Delivered by our consulting, this offering provides you a foundational Identity Manager preproduction pilot deployment, including basic provisioning and self-service capabilities in seven weeks, for approximately US$100,000.*


Start for Identity Manager was designed using years of field experience and best practices to provide the following capabilities:

Automated account creation and disablement driven by HR events

We help you set up Identity Manager to automate account creation and disablement based on HR events in Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange or LDAP Authentication directory. By automating this process, Identity Manager saves your IT team significant time. When an employee joins your business, transfers to another department or leaves, it triggers an intelligent account action (based on your policies) in real time. Any event—even a change in a duty for a short-term project—modifies the user's access privileges instantly and accurately. When a user–lifecycle event (a hire, termination, promotion or role change) occurs, the Identity Manager data synchronization engine triggers policy-based actions with little to no human intervention. This makes identity administration much easier and reduces helpdesk calls.

Password self-service featuring challenge and response options

Self Service Password Reset enables users to reset their own passwords so they don't have to call you. User account security and privacy is essential, but that doesn't mean it has to be a continuous burden to your helpdesk. With Self Service Password Reset, your staff no longer needs to verify employee identity for password management. Instead, users confirm who they are through challenge questions before they're allowed to securely reset their passwords, saving you time and administration costs. Users can still call the helpdesk if necessary, but by using password self-service you can reduce the number of calls by 30 percent**.

Password and key data element synchronization

We ensure key data elements and passwords are synchronized often throughout your systems so a new employee has access to necessary systems from day one. Conversely, when an employee leaves, he or she loses access immediately so systems remain secure.

Basic Identity Manager reporting

We provide a reporting framework that allows you to create reports that clearly show who has access to what at all times, including complete historical records. When an auditor asks, you can instantly demonstrate the associations among all users, resources and provisioning activities. These powerful and flexible reporting capabilities help you comply with both internal policies and external regulations.

Form-based user management

With our form-based user management, you can extend policies such as create, modify and terminate to users who fall outside your HR system. The forms allow for a managed process to onboard, grant access and terminate access to contractors, seasonal or contingent workers.

Engagement details

The engagement includes:

  • Requirements workshop (1 week)
  • Deliverable: Identity Manager solution design presentation
  • Preproduction environment implementation (4 weeks)
  • Components implemented and tested in test environment
  • Installation of Identity Manager 4 software components
  • Installation and configuration of Active Directory and Exchange driver
  • Installation and configuration of flat file integration with HR
  • Installation and configuration of LDAP driver
  • User management workflows (create, modify, terminate)
  • Approval workflows (manager and security group)
  • Knowledge transfer and demonstration (1 week)
  • Strategic planning workshop resulting in a strategy roadmap executive presentation (4 days). This assessment will:
    • Identify business objectives and priorities, pain points and goals for identity management
    • Review Start for Identity Manager functionality and identify desired enhancements such as reporting, access requests or provisioning to additional systems
    • Create an identity management roadmap to meet business objectives
    • Identify next steps for production deployment

Our consultants will deploy Start for Identity Manager and will work onsite with your technical teams. The deployment is based on our best practices gathered from hundreds of engagements spanning multiple industries so our connectors and workflows install with minimal configuration while delivering core functionality and maximum value to your environment. You can easily enhance and expand this foundational preproduction pilot deployment later.

We recognize that every customer is unique. Therefore, additional consulting options are available should you have specific needs that fall outside the scope of this engagement. We will discuss these options during the strategic planning workshop.

Why Our Consulting?

With decades of experience, our experts are at the top of their field. We are part of a global enterprise software company with a core focus on identity and access governance. We work with customers across a broad range of industries and understand your business needs. We work closely with our product engineers to develop best practices, so our customers are assured of the best solutions in any environment.

* United States only

** Percentages based on averages for Consulting customers over a period of 3 years.

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