Unified Delivery Process

The Unified Delivery Process defines a flexible framework for delivering either small or large projects. The process allows for the creation of a project plan tailored to the specific needs of the engagement while maintaining delivery best practices. The Unified Delivery Process also provides solution delivery guidelines, templates, sample deliverables, and tools for all critical development activities.

Our project phases


Establish the business needs for the solution and define the high-level project scope by identifying your business drivers and needs.

Result: A context for structuring a high-level solution that defines boundary conditions and, most importantly, the scope for the engagement.


Launch the project and develop a deeper understanding of your business environment and the architectural makeup of the solution.

Result: Initial architectural design and requirements assessments.


Deeply analyze the problem domain, extend the high-level architecture definition and establish a sound, detailed design for the solution.

Result: Building, configuring and custom developing your solution.


Create the solution as defined by the deliverables from the Elaboration phase, while managing resources and controlling operations to optimize costs, schedules and quality.

Result: Detailed design for your solution.


Begin user-acceptance testing and deploying the solution into the target production environment. Result: deployment, establishing ongoing support, and knowledge transfer to your staff.

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