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Our Consulting and our Partners can painlessly deploy the foundation of your identity and security solution.

Getting securely connected can be easy

Identity management affects every part of your enterprise. Without a strong identity management foundation, your users are forced to contend with too many user ID and password combinations, which translates directly into weakened security and higher password management costs. Multiple, uncoordinated sources of identity information increase complexity, slow business processes and create confusion among end users and your IT staff. And the inability to authenticate to and access a broad spectrum of technology resources quickly discourages their use and compromises the integrity of your whole IT environment.

Our company and its global network of trusted partners are uniquely qualified to help you address these identity challenges through an Identity Manager Standard Deployment consulting engagement. This offering is designed specifically to help you create a flexible and capable identity management foundation—and begin the process of connecting key directory systems and applications to that foundation. This includes:

Creating an enterprise identity vault—powered by Identity Manager—that provides a single point of administration and security for all your identity information. This makes it possible to quickly unify and manage identity information from different systems and applications.

Connecting key NetIQ eDirectory™ and Microsoft Active Directory systems to your enterprise vault.

Setting the stage for fast, affordable identity integration with other key systems and applications.

Building an identity foundation that facilitates a wide range of advanced identity related capabilities, including role-based provisioning and de-provisioning, enterprise single sign-on, self-service password management, automated workflows, compliance management, corporate white pages and much more.

Engagement details

Painless deployment from industry experts

The Identity Manager Standard Deployment offering is a six-week consulting engagement with a small team of identity experts who will provide the guidance, expertise and proven methodologies you need to plan, design and deploy a world-class identity foundation. The engagement focuses on creating a core enterprise identity architecture that can facilitate and support the addition of more advanced identity management services later, but you can choose to add on to the standard engagement if you need specific capabilities immediately. The core offering includes the following phases and deliverables:


During this initial phase, an experienced project manager, senior architect and senior technical specialist will work closely with your team to identify and document your requirements, carefully assess all of the targeted end users and systems and develop a high-level architecture and implementation roadmap for your new enterprise identity management foundation.


Based on the final high-level roadmap, your consulting team will work with you to develop a detailed solution architecture, define and document all the necessary new NetIQ eDirectory and Active Directory interactions and develop a detailed plan for deploying your new identity vault and connecting key directory systems. This new enterprise identity management foundation will feature a number of different products and technologies, including Identity Manager, SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, NetIQ eDirectory, Micro Focus iManager and drivers for NetIQ eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory.

Build and test

This phase involves installing and configuring your complete enterprise identity management solution in an isolated laboratory setting, developing a detailed testing and deployment plan and conducting thorough integration testing. As part of this process, your consulting team will also help you perform user acceptance testing and make any necessary adjustments to the solution.

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Using an Identity Manager Standard Deployment, you can:

  • Simplify and unify your complex user environment
  • Boost productivity through business automation
  • Improve security and compliance
  • Lower password- and identity-related IT costs and workloads

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