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Implementing an enterprise-wide identity management solution is a complex undertaking, and organizations need a strategy and plan to successfully meet this challenge.

To help you overcome hurdles, Services has combined its extensive experience in identity management planning and best practices with a proven methodology. This approach allows you to create a solid identity management strategy and go-forward plan that's tailored to your unique needs.

Good identity management starts with good planning

We know that identity management solutions can address many tough business challenges—from managing security policy enforcement and facilitating regulatory compliance to streamlining provisioning and access management processes. Identity management solutions are critical to keeping your systems secure and your environments compliant, so it's important that organizations get it right—and that means starting with good planning.

The Identity Management Strategy offering from Services and trusted partners is an on-site consulting engagement that provides your organization with a clear identity management roadmap to help you move your identity management implementation forward effectively.

Working with your team, experienced identity management experts help you assess and analyze the unique technological and business implica­tions of an identity management solution in your environment. Our methodology clarifies strategic intent and goals and identifies high-priority business requirements. Our offering also delivers clear and actionable recom­mendations on the technical architecture, business processes, and capabilities you need to make your implementation a success.

Engagement details

A planned strategy

The Identity Management Strategy engage­ment features interconnected business and technology tracks that converge into a final, integrated identity management roadmap that is tailored to your organization. The Identity Management Strategy methodology includes three distinct phases: assessment, analysis and planning.

Assessment phase

During the Assessment Phase, the following tasks will be accomplished:

  • Confirm drivers and goals
  • Assess current state infrastructure and architecture
  • Assess current identity-related processes

Analysis phase

Using the results of the Assessment Phase, the Analysis Phase will:

  • Determine key technology and process gaps
  • Identify needed identity capabilities and integration points
  • Identify and prioritize potential identity management initiatives

Planning phase

The final Planning Phase integrates the findings of the first two phases and will:

  • Define high-level future-state identity architecture
  • Develop phased implementation roadmap
  • Document and present final recommendations

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How does an Identity Management Strategy engagement bolster your efforts and improve your results?

  • Know exactly what products and technologies you need
  • Have an actionable implementation plan
  • Have a predefined architecture for success
  • Reduce implementation costs
  • Uncover hidden potentials

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